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CT-STEM Assessment Model
David Weintrop (No tags) (No group) 246347851.88433725 almost 8 years ago
Flocking with Sound
David Weintrop gogo board (No group) 246347902.5860093 almost 8 years ago
Flock with Sound - 5.0.3
David Weintrop (No tags) (No group) 246347822.79531342 almost 8 years ago
Network Modularity
David Weintrop (No tags) (No group) 246347884.29099542 almost 8 years ago
Night & Day CA
David Weintrop cellular automata (No group) 246347884.99398714 almost 8 years ago
Night & Day CA take 2
David Weintrop (No tags) (No group) 246347866.78415996 almost 8 years ago
Random Boolean Network
David Weintrop (No tags) (No group) 246347884.3127412 almost 8 years ago
David Weintrop (No tags) (No group) 246347885.0508011 almost 8 years ago
The Wire-Mobile
Tracy Dobie and David Weintrop (No tags) ls426_w11 246347902.07925162 almost 8 years ago
Traveling Salesman Framework
David Weintrop (No tags) (No group) 246347863.8753203 almost 8 years ago
Emergent voronoi test upload
David Weintrop, Uri Wilensky, Arthur Hjorth, and Bryan Head (No tags) (No group) 246347885.82051265 almost 8 years ago
David Weintrop and Nathan Holbert (No tags) (No group) 242883524.70766997 over 7 years ago
Sandpile preview image Sandpile
Uri Wilensky, Robert Tinker, David Weintrop, Seth Tisue, and Bryan Head ccl, chemistry and physics CCL 242626334.22899467 over 7 years ago
Know Your Network
David Weintrop (No tags) (No group) 202911857.65217012 over 6 years ago
Rumors on Your Network
David Weintrop and Arthur Hjorth (No tags) (No group) 202911798.95312318 over 6 years ago
Test Upload from NetLogo preview image Test Upload from NetLogo
David Weintrop (No tags) MAM-2013 181457366.8377871 almost 6 years ago
Day & Night preview image Day & Night
David Weintrop cellular automata (No group) 180774434.7899923 over 5 years ago
Awesome Model
David Weintrop (No tags) (No group) 180767525.03883317 over 5 years ago