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Comments and Questions

How to __includes? (Question)

I've tried to upload a model with __includes but the included files didn't upload. I tried uploading them separately in the Files tab but the model still wouldn't run. Can you share how you got __includes working in this model? Am I missing something obvious? Thanks, Rik

Posted almost 11 years ago

Running where?

Hi, Rik. If I understand your question correctly, you're not asking about how __include works per se, but rather how it works on the Modeling Commons, from within an applet running on the browser (i.e., on the "run" tab). Moreover, it sounds like a model that you uploaded isn't working correctly with __include, whereas this model does. If so, then my answer is that this code example ("include test") doesn't actually work as an applet, even though it works just fine when downloaded and run from within NetLogo. There are two reasons for this: (1) No .nls file is on the "files" tab, which is a mistake on my part, and (2) I'm not sure if .nls files and __include will work at all in the applet, given the inherent trickiness of Java applets and the way in which files are retrieved. I'll check into this a bit more, and will update the forum here when I have some more new information regarding __include on applets, this model, and other models.

Posted almost 11 years ago

Thanks, let me know.

Thanks Reuven. Sorry for not "including" enough information but yes, you guessed right. I was looking at this applet as an example for how to get my own model working as an applet. (You can find it at ). My own model works fine with __includes when run directly from NetLogo (5.0.4) but not when I tried to upload it to Modeling Commons as an applet. Thanks for looking into it. Please let me know what you discover.

Posted almost 11 years ago

Seems to be working now

__includes seem to be working now. Thanks!

Posted almost 11 years ago

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__includes [ "include test.nls" ]

to foo1

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