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Agentsets in NetLogo are always in random order. This code example demonstrates that visually. It also shows how to make the turtles execute in a particular order if you want.


SORT and SORT-BY are used to specify ordering.

View updates are set to "continuous", so when you slow the model down far enough you can see the turtles moving one at a time.

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to setup
  create-turtles floor (world-width / 2) [
    set xcor 1 + who * 2  ;; space out the turtles in order by who number
    set color color - 3   ;; darker
    set size 1 + random-float 2
    set heading 0
    set label who

;;; three different version of GO

to go-random
  ask turtles
    [ fd 1 ]

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