Tel Aviv Under Fire

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breed [commuters commuter]
breed [explosions explosion]
breed [telavivs telaviv]

commuters-own [hit?]
explosions-own [duration]

globals [made-it hit rocket-timer attempts]

to setup
  create-telavivs 1 [set shape "circle" set size 6 set color blue]
  ask telavivs [stamp]
  ask telavivs [die]
  set made-it 0
  set hit 0
  set rocket-timer 0
  set attempts 0
  create-commuters 1 [set hit? false set xcor -4 set heading 90 set shape "car" set size .2]

to go
  ;; move commuters
  ;; hamas fires rockets
  ;; check if a rocket hits
  ;; advance 'age' of explosions and remove if they are over
  ;; check if commuter made it to work
  ;; if no commuters active, make a new one
  if count commuters < 1[
    ;; add to total number of attempts made at crossing tel aviv
    set attempts attempts + 1
  ;; stop after 100,000 attempts
  if attempts >= 100000 [stop]

to commuters-move
  ;; since one tick is a second, and one patch is one kilometer, we move 
  ;; .0003 patch per tick per km/h
  ask commuters [fd .0003 * travel-speed]

to check-impact
  ask explosions[
    ;; check if there are any commuters within explosion-radius distance
    if any? commuters with [distance myself < explosion-radius / 1000]
      ;; if there is, the commuter is hit
      let nearby-commuter one-of commuters with [distance myself < explosion-radius / 1000]
      ask nearby-commuter [
        ;; add to global paramter that counts how many were hit
        set hit hit + 1

to rockets-landing
  ;; add to rocket timer
  set rocket-timer rocket-timer + 1
  if rocket-timer >= seconds-between-rockets
    ;; center explosion (has random heading), then forward radius of tel aviv (3 patches)
    ;; good, turtle perspective on random distribution on a circle
    create-explosions 1 [
      ;; hide it or it gets ugly
      set shape "circle"
      ;; size accordingly
      set size explosion-radius / 1000 
      set color red 
      fd random-float 3 
      ;; set set duration of this explosion to global parameter value
      set duration explosion-duration
    ;; reset rocket timer if rocket fired
    set rocket-timer 0

to explosions-duration
  ask explosions[
    ;; count down and die
    set duration duration - 1
    if duration <= 0 [die]

to check-if-made-it
  ;; this checks if commuter made it across tel aviv
  ask commuters with [xcor > 4.2 ] [
    ;; add to global counter for people who made it
    set made-it made-it + 1 

to next-commuter
  ;; make a new commuter
    create-commuters 1 [set hit? false set xcor -4 set heading 90 set shape "car" set size .2]

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