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Is this still alive? (Question)

Hello, I like the idea of this model. But I have been unable to download it (the file appears to be corrupt and the .zip file won't unpack). I cannot run it in NetLogo web either, because of an unimplemented primitive error message

Posted over 7 years ago

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  explored?       ;; mark turtles we have already visited
  team-id         ;; current team id (changes every tick)
  downtime        ;; the number of time steps passed since the agent last collaborated

  link-explored?  ;; mark links we have already visited
  team-tick       ;; last tick in which link was part of a team

;;; Setup Procedures ;;;

to setup 
  set max-team-size 6
  set-default-shape turtles "circle"
  ask turtles [set color yellow]
  ask turtles [set size 1]
  ask turtles [set explored? false]
  ask turtles [set team-id (2 * community-size / team-size)]
  ask turtles
    create-links-with other turtles
      ;; all links start with no team or message age and will appear black
      set team-tick -100
      set hidden? true
  ask links [set link-explored? false]

to make-turtles
  create-turtles community-size [ setxy random-xcor random-ycor ]
  layout-circle turtles max-pxcor - 1

to init-history
  set density-history[]
  set density-team-portion-history[]
  set history-depth 10
  let history-counter history-depth

;;; Main Procedures ;;;

to go 
  ;; assemble a new team
  build-teams ;choosing teams randomly (groups of team-size)
  add-messages; add interactions between community members

;; choose turtles to be in a new team

to build-teams
    let current-turtle one-of turtles with [ not explored? ]
    if current-turtle = nobody [ stop ]
    ask current-turtle [explore]

;; adds turtle to a team

to explore
  if explored? [stop]
    ;; some teams may be smaller than others (if community size is not dividable by team-size)
    let number-of-teams floor (community-size / team-size + 0.9999999)
    let current-team-id random number-of-teams
    let turtles-in-team count turtles with [team-id = current-team-id]
    if turtles-in-team < team-size
      set team-id current-team-id
      set color (current-team-id * 20 + 5)
      let id who
      ;; refreshing all links between this turtle and his teammates
      ask link-neighbors [if team-id = current-team-id [ask link id who [set team-tick ticks]]]
      set explored? true 

to add-messages
  ask turtles
    ;; reset parameters - turtle is not explored and invalid team id is assigned
    set explored? false
    set team-id (2 * community-size / team-size)
  ask links
    set link-explored? false    
  ;; go over all links and determine if they should be refreshed (i.e. a message is sent)
    let current-link one-of links with [ not link-explored? ]
    if current-link = nobody [ stop ]
    ask current-link
      ;; link color represents the reason for message exchange - 
      ;; if this is due to turtles belonging to the same team link will be blue, if this is a random message exchange link will be red
      let link_color red
      let team-age ticks - team-tick
      ifelse team-age > max-downtime-team [set team-age max-downtime-team][set link_color blue]
      ;; message probability is determined by a weighted average of the last time both sides belonged to the same team and a constant factor representing a random message exchange
      ;; team size also affects message probability in the sense that larger teams generate smaller intimacy and result in a lower probability for message exchange
      let message_prob ((teamwork-weight * (max-downtime-team - team-age) / max-downtime-team) * 
        ((100 - team-intimacy-factor) + (team-intimacy-factor * ((max-team-size - team-size) / (max-team-size - 1)))) / 100) +
        ((100 - teamwork-weight) / 100 * random-message-prob)
      ;; if message probability is larger than a random probability, a message was posted, and link will be drawn
      let message_passed? random 100 < message_prob

      ifelse message_passed?
        set hidden? false
        set color link_color ;;scale-color gray message_prob 0 100
        set thickness message_prob / 200
        set hidden? true

      set link-explored? true

to update-stats
  let max-density (community-size * (community-size - 1) / 2)
  let num-of-messages count links with [not hidden?] 
  let num-of-team-messages count links with [not hidden? and color = blue]
  let curr-density 100 * num-of-messages / max-density
  let curr-density-team-portion 0
  if num-of-messages > 0 
    set curr-density-team-portion 100 * num-of-team-messages / num-of-messages
  ifelse ticks < history-depth
    set density-history lput curr-density density-history
    set density-team-portion-history lput curr-density-team-portion density-team-portion-history
    set density-history replace-item (ticks mod history-depth) density-history curr-density
    set density-team-portion-history replace-item (ticks mod history-depth) density-team-portion-history curr-density-team-portion
  set density mean density-history
  set density-team-portion mean density-team-portion-history

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