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Tagged by Héctor Sanchez over 6 years ago


Tagged by Héctor Sanchez over 6 years ago


Tagged by Héctor Sanchez over 6 years ago


Tagged by Héctor Sanchez over 6 years ago


Tagged by Héctor Sanchez over 6 years ago


Tagged by Héctor Sanchez over 6 years ago

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globals[deadTurtles dovesSpeedVariationRange sigmoidScale]
breed[doves dove]
breed[hawks hawk]
doves-own[flockmates nearest individualSpeed age]


to setup
  set dovesSpeedVariationRange 0
  set sigmoidScale .001
  ask patches[]
  createHawks hawksPopulation
  createDoves dovesPopulation  


to go
  preyFlockOrAvoid doves hawks dovesVisionRange dovesVisionAngle dovesAvoidanceMinTurn dovesAvoidanceMaxTurn dovesNoiseInMovement dovesFlock
  predatorHunt hawks doves hawksVisionRange hawksVisionAngle hawksFocus hawksNoiseInMovement hawksKillingRange


to killIfAnyNear [breedToAttack killingRange]
  ;;If any prey is within killing range of our predator it is forced to die
  if any? breedToAttack in-radius killingRange
    ask breedToAttack in-radius killingRange[die]
    set deadTurtles deadTurtles + 1

to headProbabilisticallyTowardsMortal [potentialVictims focus]
  ;;Allows the posibility of the predator to lose focus and head towards another victim
  ifelse(random-float 1 < focus)
  [headTowardsNearestMortal potentialVictims]
  [headTowardsOneMortal potentialVictims]

to headTowardsNearestMortal [potentialVictims]
  ;;Sets heading towards the nearest prey available
  let victim min-one-of potentialVictims [distance myself]
  set heading (towards victim)

to headTowardsOneMortal [potentialVictims]
  ;;Sets heading towards one of the nearest preys available
  let victim one-of potentialVictims
  set heading (towards victim)


to runaway [avoidableBreed minTurn maxTurn]
  ;;If there is a predator we turn probabilistically within the range of (minTurn, maxTurn)
  set heading (towards min-one-of avoidableBreed [distance myself]) + (minTurn + random (maxTurn - minTurn))


to createHawks [numberOfIndividuals]
  ;;Creates hawks population
  create-hawks hawksPopulation
    set color red
    setxy random-xcor random-ycor
    if hawksPen = true[pen-down] 
    set size 3.5
    set individualSpeed hawksBaseSpeed 

to createDoves [numberOfIndividuals]
  ;;Creates doves population
  create-doves dovesPopulation 
    set color blue + random 10
    setxy random-xcor random-ycor
    if dovesPen = true[pen-down]
    set size 2
    set flockmates no-turtles
    set individualSpeed (dovesBaseSpeed + random-float dovesSpeedVariationRange)
    set age random 50 


to predatorHunt [predatorBreed preyBreed predatorVisionRange predatorVisionAngle predatorFocus predatorNoiseInMovement predatorKillingRange]
  ;;If there are preys around then hunt else wander around
  ask predatorBreed
    let preysAround (preyBreed in-cone predatorVisionRange predatorVisionAngle)
    ifelse (any? preysAround)
    [moveProbabillisticallyTowardsMortalAndKill preysAround preyBreed predatorFocus predatorNoiseInMovement predatorKillingRange]
    [wanderAround 10 predatorNoiseInMovement]
    forward individualSpeed

to preyFlockOrAvoid [preyBreed predatorBreed preyVisionRange preyVisionAngle preyMinAvoidanceTurn preyMaxAvoidanceTurn preyNoiseInMovement flockOrNotBool]
  ;;If there are predators then avoid else try to flock
  ask preyBreed
    ifelse(any? predatorBreed in-cone preyVisionRange preyVisionAngle)
    [runawayWithNoise predatorBreed preyMinAvoidanceTurn preyMaxAvoidanceTurn preyNoiseInMovement]
    [flockOrWander flockOrNotBool preyBreed preyVisionRange preyVisionAngle preyNoiseInMovement]
    forward individualSpeed

to flockOrWander [flockOrNotBool preyBreed preyVisionRange preyVisionAngle preyAngleNoiseRange]
  set flockmates other preyBreed in-cone preyVisionRange preyVisionAngle
  ifelse (flockOrNotBool and (any? flockmates))
  [flock doves dovesVisionRange dovesVisionAngle dovesBaseSpeed dovesSpeedPerFlockmate dovesNoiseInMovement]
  [wanderAround 10 preyAngleNoiseRange]

to runawayWithNoise [predatorBreed preyMinAvoidanceTurn preyMaxAvoidanceTurn preyNoiseInMovement]
  ;;Escapes from a predator with a certain amount of noise in the movement
  runaway predatorBreed preyMinAvoidanceTurn preyMaxAvoidanceTurn
  right randomAngleRange preyNoiseInMovement

to moveProbabillisticallyTowardsMortalAndKill [preysAround preyBreed predatorFocus predatorNoiseInMovement predatorKillingRange]
  ;;Heads towards one prey in a group and kills if any of them is in range
  headProbabilisticallyTowardsMortal preysAround predatorFocus
  right randomAngleRange predatorNoiseInMovement
  killIfAnyNear preyBreed predatorKillingRange  

to wanderAround [angleWanderRange angleNoiseRange]
  ;;Just take it easy and get around
  right (randomAngleRange angleWanderRange) + (randomAngleRange angleNoiseRange)

to turnWithLimit [desiredTurn maxTurn]
  ;;Performs a turn that allows a certain maximum number of degrees and no more
  ifelse (abs desiredTurn > maxTurn)
  [ifelse (desiredTurn > 0)[right maxTurn][left maxTurn]]
  [ifelse (desiredTurn > 0)[right abs desiredTurn][left abs desiredTurn]]

to-report averageFlockmateHeading
  ;;Averages the headings of the flockmates
  let x-component sum [dx] of flockmates
  let y-component sum [dy] of flockmates
  ifelse (x-component = 0 and y-component = 0)[report heading][report atan x-component y-component]

to-report averageTowardsFlockmatesHeading
  ;;Gets the average of angle between the headings of the flockmates and the current turtle
  let x-component mean [sin (towards myself + 180)] of flockmates
  let y-component mean [cos (towards myself + 180)] of flockmates
  ifelse (x-component = 0 and y-component = 0)[report heading][report atan x-component y-component]

to-report randomAngleRange[range]
  ;;Returns an angle in the range of (-range, range)
  report random range - random range


to flock [flockingBreed radius angle baseSpeed speedBonusPerFlockmate noiseInMovement]
  ;;Performs the required functions for the turtles to flock (align, cohere and separate)
  set nearest min-one-of flockmates [distance myself]
  ifelse (distance nearest < dovesDistance)[separate][align cohere]
  right randomAngleRange noiseInMovement
  ;;Turn on/off one of these behaviours
  ;if(flockSpeed = "BaseSpeed")[set individualSpeed baseSpeed + (speedBonusPerFlockmate * count flockmates)]
  ;if(flockSpeed = "MinOfFlock")[set individualSpeed ((min [individualSpeed] of flockmates) + (speedBonusPerFlockmate * count flockmates))]
  ;if(flockSpeed = "MeanOfFlock")[set individualSpeed ((mean [individualSpeed] of flockmates) + (speedBonusPerFlockmate * count flockmates))]
  ;if(flockSpeed = "MaxOfFlock")[set individualSpeed ((max [individualSpeed] of flockmates) + (speedBonusPerFlockmate * count flockmates))]
  if(flockSpeed = "BaseSpeed")[set individualSpeed baseSpeed + (speedBonusPerFlockmate * count flockmates)]
  if(flockSpeed = "MinOfFlock")[set individualSpeed ((min [individualSpeed] of flockmates) + (sigmoidFunction sigmoidScale 5 1 (count flockmates)))]
  if(flockSpeed = "MeanOfFlock")[set individualSpeed ((mean [individualSpeed] of flockmates) + (sigmoidFunction sigmoidScale 5 1 (count flockmates)))]
  if(flockSpeed = "MaxOfFlock")[set individualSpeed ((max [individualSpeed] of flockmates) + (sigmoidFunction sigmoidScale 5 1 (count flockmates)))]

to separate
  ;;Turn away from a flockmate that is too near to us
  let neighborHeading ([heading] of nearest)
  let differenceInHeadings (subtract-headings heading neighborHeading)
  turnWithLimit differenceInHeadings maxSeparateTurn

to align
  ;;Turns our turtle towards the average direction its flockmates are heading to
  let averageHeading averageFlockmateHeading
  let differenceInHeadings (subtract-headings averageHeading heading)
  turnWithLimit differenceInHeadings maxAlignTurn

to cohere
  ;;Head towards the average position of our flockmates
  let averageHeadingTowards averageTowardsFlockmatesHeading
  let differenceInHeadings (subtract-headings averageHeadingTowards heading)
  turnWithLimit differenceInHeadings maxCohereTurn

to-report sigmoidFunction [scale offset slope x]
  ;;Applies a sigmoid function to the input values
  report scale * (1 / (1 + e ^ (- offset * x + slope)))

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