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Tagged by Anthony Dekker about 10 years ago


Tagged by Anthony Dekker about 10 years ago

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Tagged by Anthony Dekker about 10 years ago


Tagged by Anthony Dekker about 10 years ago

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This program implements Conway's "Game of Life" together with a simulation of bacterial chemical-gradient-climbing, in order to demo the R extension for a tutorial at http://scientificgems.wordpress.com/2014/02/11/the-r-extension-for-netlogo-a-tutorial/


The "average-density" slider sets the initial average fraction of live cells for the "Game of Life."

The "Setup Life" or "Setup Bacteria" buttons initialise one or the other simulation.

The "Run" button runs the selected simulation.

The "Plot Life" button plots the "Game of Life" density over time, using the R extension. An input box allows editing of the default file name.

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This model is associated with a tutorial at http://scientificgems.wordpress.com/2014/02/11/the-r-extension-for-netlogo-a-tutorial/

Posted about 10 years ago

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extensions [ r ]

globals [
  is-life?   ;; distinguish between the two demos
  ;; LIFE
  cell-count ;; total number of cells
  total      ;; total number of live cells
  history    ;; list of totals
  window     ;; number of steps over which to analyse

patches-own [
  ;; LIFE
  alive?     ;; is cell alive?
  counter    ;; used to pass number of live neighbours between Phase 1 and Phase 2

  value      ;; simulated chemical concentration

turtles-own [
  hist       ;; history of concentration values

to rplot-graph  ;; R interface -- plot the LIFE history
  if (is-life?) [
    r:put "life.hist" history
    r:put "plotfile" life-plot-filename
    r:eval "png (filename = plotfile, width = 1600, height = 800, pointsize=18)"
    r:eval "par (mar=c(5,5,0.8,0.5))"
    r:eval "xs <- 0:(length(life.hist)-1)"
    r:eval "plot (life.hist ~ xs, type=\"l\", lwd=4, col=\"red\", xlab=\"Step\", ylab=\"Density\", ylim=c(0,max(life.hist)), cex.lab=2, cex.axis=1.5)"
    r:eval "dev.off()"

to-report calculate-slope [ lst ]  ;; R interface -- calculate slope for values in lst
  r:put "valu.hist" lst
  r:eval "valu.index <- 1:length(valu.hist)"
  r:eval "valu.lm <- lm(valu.hist ~ valu.index)"
  report r:get "valu.lm$coefficients[2]"

;; code for SETUP button -- Life

to setup-life
  set is-life? true
  set life-plot-filename "C:/NetLogo/Life_plot.png"
  set cell-count (count patches)
  ask patches [
    ifelse (random-float 1 < average-life-density) [birth] [death]
  set history (list (total / cell-count))

to death  ;; this procedure applies to a specific patch
  set alive? false
  set pcolor white

to birth  ;; this procedure applies to a specific patch
  set alive? true
  set pcolor blue
  set total (total + 1)

;; code for SETUP button -- Bacteria

to setup-bacteria
  set is-life? false
  set life-plot-filename "** NOT USED **"
  set window 4
  ;; create gradient
  repeat 3 [
    let x random-xcor
    let y random-ycor
    let v (0.1 + random-float 0.5)
    let r (1 + v * world-width / 2)
    ask patches [
      let d ((distancexy x y) / r)
      set value (value + v * exp (- d))
  let min-value (min ([value] of patches))
  let max-value (max ([value] of patches))
  ask patches [
    set pcolor (30 + (9.9 * (value - min-value) / (max-value - min-value)))
  ;; create some bacteria
  crt 20 [
    setxy random-xcor random-ycor
    set color red
    set size 6
    set hist (list value)


to go  ;; single simulation step for both demos
  if-else (is-life?) [
    ;; LIFE
    ;; First phase
    ask patches [ set counter (count neighbors with [alive?]) ]
    ;; Second phase
    set total 0
    ask patches [
      ifelse (counter = 3 or (counter = 2 and alive?))
      [ birth ]
      [ death ]
    set history (lput (total / cell-count) history)  ;; Record current density
  ] [
    ask turtles [
      fd 1
      set hist (lput value hist)
      if (length(hist) > window) [ set hist (bf hist) ]
      if (length(hist) = window) [
        if (calculate-slope hist <= 0) [
          set heading (random-float 360)
          set hist (list value)

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