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;; this is a simple model involving the convertion of one breed to another. This simulation mimics a simple recruitment process.

;; this model assumes that all non-mice are easily convertible.

breed [ cats cat ]
breed [ mice mouse ]

;; to setup the agents, here is the command. Here, there are two breeds defined: cats and mice. The cats try to catch and convert the mice into cats.

to setup
  create-mice nummice [
    set color white
    setxy random-xcor random-ycor 
  create-cats numcats [
    set color red
    setxy random-xcor random-ycor

;;Here are the procedures. This specifies the actions/interaction between cats and mice. Cats pursue the nearest mouse and convert it. The converts will seek other mice to convert. The process goes on until all mice are converted into cats.

to go
  ask mice [
  forward 1
  set heading random 360
  ask cats [
  if any? mice [ face one-of mice ]
  if not any? mice [ stop ]
  ask cats [
  forward 1]
  ask cats [   
  let current-cat self
  ask mice with [ distance current-cat < 2 ] [ 
    set breed cats ;; mice is recruited to cats
    set color red 


to plot-agents
  plot count cats
  plot count mice


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CJ Castillo almost 5 years ago This model illustrates conversion of an agent into something. The model assumes that agents are readily convertible. Download this version
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