Genetic Inheritance

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globals [ gene-list]


to setup
  create-turtles 20
  [ setxy random-xcor random-ycor
    set genes []
    set sex one-of ["Male" "Female"]
    if sex = "Male" [set color white]
    if sex = "Female" [set color red]
    repeat 5 [
      set genes lput one-of [1 2 ] genes  ]

  inspect one-of turtles

to go
  ask turtles [
    right random 90
    left random 90
    fd 1]

  ask turtles with [sex = "Male"] [
    let partner one-of turtles-here with [sex = "Female"] ; males initiate when they find a female partner
    if partner != nobody [
      let mother-genes [genes ] of partner ; the mom and dad's genes are remembered as two lists (mother-genes and father-genes)
      let father-genes genes
      hatch 1 [ ; make a baby
        set sex one-of ["Male" "Female"] ; randomly pick a sex for the new kid
        if sex = "Male" [set color blue] ; this recoloring is just so we know if they are second generation or not
        if sex = "Female" [set color green]
        set genes []
        let n 0 ; a placeholder that is increased each time the gene list is created
        repeat length mother-genes[ ; it walks through this command block once for each gene (1st, 2nd, etc.)
          set gene-list [] ; possible list of inheritable genes is reset
          set gene-list lput item n mother-genes gene-list ; inheritable genes could either be the mom or dads
          set gene-list lput item n father-genes gene-list
          set genes lput one-of gene-list genes ; the kids genes is increased by one by randomly picking one from the gene-list
          set n n + 1] ; ratchets up one to look at the nth + 1 gene in the list

  while [count turtles > 20] [ ; population control
    ask one-of turtles [

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