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breed [sheep a-sheep]
breed [cows cow]
turtles-own [ energy ]  ;; agents own energy

patches-own [ grass-amount ]  ;; patches have grass

;; this procedures sets up the model

to setup
  ask patches [
    ;; give grass to the patches, color it shades of green
    set grass-amount random-float 10.0
    recolor-grass ;; change the world green
  create-sheep number-of-sheep [
    setxy random-xcor random-ycor
    set color white
    set shape "sheep"
    set energy 100
    create-cows number-of-cows [
    setxy random-xcor random-ycor
    set color brown
    set shape "cow"
    set energy 100

;; make the model run

to go
  if not any? turtles [
  ask turtles [
    wiggle        ;; first turn a little bit
    move          ;; then step forward
    check-if-dead ;; check to see if agent should die
    eat           ;; sheep eat grass
    reproduce     ;; the sheep reproduce
  regrow-grass    ;; the grass grows back
  my-update-plots ;; plot the population counts

;; check to see if this sheep has enough energy to reproduce

to reproduce
  if energy > 200 [
    set energy energy - 100  ;; reproduction transfers energy
    hatch 1 [ set energy 100 ] ;; to the new agent

;; recolor the grass to indicate how much has been eaten

to recolor-grass
  set pcolor scale-color green grass-amount 0 20

;; regrow the grass

to regrow-grass
  ask patches [
    set grass-amount grass-amount + grass-regrowth-rate
    if grass-amount > 10.0 [
      set grass-amount 10.0

;; sheep procedure, sheep eat grass

to eat
  ;; check to make sure there is grass here
  if ( grass-amount >= energy-gain-from-grass ) [
    ;; increment the sheep's energy
    set energy energy + energy-gain-from-grass
    ;; decrement the grass
    set grass-amount grass-amount - energy-gain-from-grass

;; asks those sheep with no energy to die

to check-if-dead
  if energy < 0  [

;; update the plots in the interface tab

to my-update-plots
  plot count sheep
  plot count cows

;; sheep procedure, the sheep changes its heading

to wiggle
  ;; turn right then left, so the average is straight ahead
  rt random 90
  lt random 90

;; sheep procedure, the sheep moves which costs it energy

to move
  forward 1
  set energy energy - movement-cost ;; reduce the energy by the cost of movement

; Copyright 2007 Uri Wilensky.
; See Info tab for full copyright and license.

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