secure base phenomenon

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Default-person Carlo Schuengel (Author)
Pasco Fearon (Author)
Lianne Bakkum (Author)
Sam Wass (Author)
Alastair van Heerden (Author)


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globals [carer infant explore-ticks]

turtles-own [goal secure-range]

to setup
  set-default-shape turtles "default"
  create-turtles 2 [
    setxy random-xcor random-ycor
    set color ifelse-value who = 0 [red] [blue]
    set size 2
  ask turtle 0 [set carer self]
  ask turtle 1 [
    set infant self
    set goal "explore"
    set secure-range secure-range-slider
    set explore-ticks 0

to go
  ask carer [
    ifelse random-float 1 < 0.5
    [ask infant [set goal "explore"]]
    [ask infant [set goal "security"]]
  ask carer [
    ifelse random-float 1.0 < 0.05 [ ; Adjust the probability (0.05) as needed
      random-movement ; Add this line to introduce random movement to carer
    ] [
      ; Carer stays in place

  ask infant [
    ifelse goal = "explore"
    [fd 1
         set explore-ticks explore-ticks + 1]
    [ifelse distance carer <= secure-range
      [set goal "explore"]
      [face carer fd 1]

to random-movement
  ; Move the carer randomly
  rt random 360  ; Randomly turn the carer
  fd random carer-movement-slider         ; Move the carer forward (adjust the distance as needed)

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