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Repository holding the code for my GEOG5790M Advanced Programming Assessment 2 project.
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NetLogo Model of Social Corruption Version 1.0 26/04/2017

This NetLogo project contains a model of social corruption based on the model proposed by Ross Hammond [2000]. The model creates homogenous populations of citizens and bureaucrats and has them play a simulated game. Each agent has the option of acting in an honest or corrupt manner, with the decision for which action to choose being determined by an agents memory, social network and predisposition to honesty. Corrupt agents risk jail time in return for higher payoffs. Through this, the model attempts to show changes in social behaviour and shifting levels of corruption within a society.

The model was created as part of the Leeds University MSc GIS Advanced Programming, assignment 2 and was programmed using NetLogo 6.0.1.

Citation: Hammond, R. A. (2000). Endogenous Transition Dynamics in Corruption: An Agent-Based Computer Model. Washington DC: Brookings Institution.

Author: Charles Lonsdale Contact details: Email:

This work is licenced for open-source use under the MIT License. See the License.txt file for more information.

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