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You are registering for the Modeling Commons, a research project from the Center for Connected Learning and Computer-Based Modeling at Northwestern University, Evanston IL, USA.

The purpose of the Modeling Commons is to better understand modeling practices in individuals and groups, online collaborative learning communities, and the ways in which people learn in groups. We are also interested in learning what design features facilitate collaborative modeling practices. The Modeling Commons itself is thus a research project under active development.

There is no expected end date for this research project. Indeed, if successful, we would hope the Modeling Commons continues as a self-sustaining community. If and when we decide to terminate it, we will make every effort to inform users and provide them with an alternative.

There are no risks to you associated with participating in this research study. Your participation is completely voluntary. You can stop participation at any time.

You will benefit from this research by enjoying a community of like-minded modelers, being able to easily post and share your models with others and collaborate with others on model development, keep track of revision history of your models, as well as discuss and tag models that you and others have written.

Instead of participating in this study, you could write your NetLogo models on your own computer, and post them to your own Web site. However, we hope and expect that the collaborative experience we provide will encourage you to use the Modeling Commons.

Public records of your activity in the Modeling Commons may be identified by name. Records that are private to a group, or to your individual account, will be anonymized and/or displayed only in the aggregate. We will never identify you or your work in public if you have not already done so yourself.

If you have any questions about the Modeling Commons, you can contact Northwestern University graduate student, Reuven Lerner, at