Default-person Models belonging to Steven Kimbrough

Steven Kimbrough bargaining, group decision forecasting, group decision prediction (No group) 200297417.02305555 over 6 years ago
Conventional Programming 1
Steven Kimbrough (No tags) (No group) 193992031.8321209 about 6 years ago
Converse Formula
Steven Kimbrough location, spatial, store location (No group) 196240826.7669261 about 6 years ago
Steven Kimbrough market area analysis (No group) 195979783.15637386 about 6 years ago
Huff Turtle-Based
Steven Kimbrough greedy hill climbing, market area analysis (No group) 195979661.8068838 about 6 years ago
Residential Solar PV Adoption 1.0
Steven Kimbrough, Rolando Fuentes, and Patrick Bean "solar energy", electricity utilities, solar, solar pv`, sustainability (No group) 180977777.97803262 over 5 years ago
Ambidexterity Strategy Explorer preview image Ambidexterity Strategy Explorer
Steven Kimbrough game theory, organizational ambidexterity, strategic decision making (No group) 172605425.1634858 over 5 years ago
Exemplars and Simple Segregation
Steven Kimbrough and Robin Clark language variation, linguistics, social evolution, social networks (No group) 166689668.80521113 over 5 years ago
Competitive Market
Steven Kimbrough bounded rationality9, competition, markets (No group) 145716504.12542412 over 4 years ago
Monopoly Probe and Adjust
Steven Kimbrough "probe and adjust", markets, monopoly (No group) 145541529.16809693 over 4 years ago
Oligopoly Bid Price
Steven Kimbrough "probe and adjust", markets, oligopoly (No group) 57123511.197236165 almost 2 years ago
Oligopoly Put Quantity
Steven Kimbrough "probe and adjust"R, "probe and adjust"z, cournot, markets, oligopoly (No group) 145530700.06806076 over 4 years ago
Simple Leveled Lighting Calculator preview image Simple Leveled Lighting Calculator
Steven Kimbrough energy savings (No group) 119538545.11955474 almost 4 years ago