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Steven Kimbrough bargaining, group decision forecasting, group decision prediction (No group) 315452965.8227495 about 10 years ago
Conventional Programming 1
Steven Kimbrough (No tags) (No group) 309147580.6234493 almost 10 years ago
Converse Formula
Steven Kimbrough location, spatial, store location (No group) 311396375.547664 almost 10 years ago
Steven Kimbrough market area analysis (No group) 311135331.92689943 almost 10 years ago
Huff Turtle-Based
Steven Kimbrough greedy hill climbing, market area analysis (No group) 311135210.56633335 almost 10 years ago
Residential Solar PV Adoption 1.0
Steven Kimbrough, Rolando Fuentes, and Patrick Bean "solar energy", electricity utilities, solar, solar pv`, sustainability (No group) 109827399.93681145 over 3 years ago
Ambidexterity Strategy Explorer preview image Ambidexterity Strategy Explorer
Steven Kimbrough game theory, organizational ambidexterity, strategic decision making (No group) 287760974.0373288 about 9 years ago
Exemplars and Simple Segregation
Steven Kimbrough and Robin Clark language variation, linguistics, social evolution, social networks (No group) 281845217.66902274 almost 9 years ago
Competitive Market
Steven Kimbrough bounded rationality9, competition, markets (No group) 260872052.97931504 over 8 years ago
Monopoly Probe and Adjust
Steven Kimbrough "probe and adjust", markets, monopoly (No group) 260697078.01212573 over 8 years ago
Oligopoly Bid Price
Steven Kimbrough "probe and adjust", markets, oligopoly (No group) 172279060.0315188 over 5 years ago
Oligopoly Put Quantity
Steven Kimbrough "probe and adjust"R, "probe and adjust"z, cournot, markets, oligopoly (No group) 260686248.89213333 over 8 years ago
Simple Leveled Lighting Calculator preview image Simple Leveled Lighting Calculator
Steven Kimbrough energy savings (No group) 234694094.2771111 over 7 years ago