Iron_label_brush_2 Models belonging to CJ Castillo

Organizing Model 1 preview image Organizing Model 1
CJ Castillo (No tags) (No group) 169214756.06429714 over 5 years ago
Election campaign simulator preview image Election campaign simulator
CJ Castillo (No tags) (No group) 141094848.86813286 over 4 years ago
Information, influence and decision model
CJ Castillo (No tags) (No group) 56591338.11379793 almost 2 years ago
COVID-19 with social distancing preview image COVID-19 with social distancing
CJ Castillo covid-19, epidemiology, mass testing, social distancing (No group) 18382561.99381776 7 months ago
COVID-19 Outbreak and Policies preview image COVID-19 Outbreak and Policies
CJ Castillo covid-19, corona virus, epidemiology, lockdown, quarantine, covid-19, coronary virus, control of virus infection, epidemiology (No group) 18124254.731328312 7 months ago