Turtlezero2-white-048 Models belonging to James Steiner

Kruskals Spanning Tree
James Steiner and Jim Lyons computer science, mouse, networks, realtime (No group) 75802667.14857122 over 2 years ago
Martin Dobiasch, Jim Lyons, and James Steiner graph, graphing, networks (No group) 338914824.7230056 over 10 years ago
Sound Machines preview image Sound Machines
Uri Wilensky, Seth Tisue, and James Steiner (No tags) CCL 347860977.155619 about 11 years ago
Zombie Attack! 2.2.0 preview image Zombie Attack! 2.2.0
James Steiner animation, arcade, game, interactive, particle system, particles, self-play, zombies (No group) 84081441.06223598 over 2 years ago
Ombre preview image Ombre
James Steiner color, colorful, demo, example, gradient, pcolor, rgb (No group) 80973421.298336 over 2 years ago
Turtle Distribution Demo preview image Turtle Distribution Demo
James Steiner code example, turtles (No group) 80265534.04797855 over 2 years ago
RADAR preview image RADAR
James Steiner radio, simulation, visualization (No group) 75889150.6652328 over 2 years ago
Tune-Town 2 preview image Tune-Town 2
James Steiner (No tags) (No group) 60176240.45370069 almost 2 years ago
Election Thing preview image Election Thing
James Steiner (No tags) (No group) 61211063.216726266 almost 2 years ago
Farms Using Area Subdivision preview image Farms Using Area Subdivision
James Steiner (No tags) (No group) 60684634.74063015 almost 2 years ago
Block-Slider preview image Block-Slider
James Steiner (No tags) (No group) 60518761.00955454 almost 2 years ago
Unique-Colors preview image Unique-Colors
James Steiner (No tags) (No group) 59995775.989719674 almost 2 years ago
Rubble Trouble! preview image Rubble Trouble!
James Steiner (No tags) (No group) 20995287.38312872 8 months ago
Shape Library Viewer preview image Shape Library Viewer
James Steiner (No tags) (No group) 11873262.005423056 5 months ago