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This is a 3D version of the 2D model Neighborhoods Example This code example shows how to use the basic 2D and 3D neighborhood primitives in a 3D world. These include neighbors, neighbors6, in-radius, and at-points:

- neighbors: reports the 26 patches surrounding a patch or turtle

- neighbors6: reports the same patches3d, excluding the ones at the corners

- in-radius : reports those agents in agentset whose distance from the caller is less than or equal to n.

- at-points : reports those agents in agentset at the given points relative to the caller, where list is a list of two-element lists.

Although in this example, we only change the color of the reported patches, you can of course do more complicated operations, including assigning that agentset to a variable. This is particularly useful for Cellular Automata models.

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;;  This procedure creates 8 turtles in puts them in a circle

to setup
  setxyz 10 -20 6 ; set the observer position
  crt 8
    [ fd 9 ]

;;  This procedure colors all the patches neighboring each turtle.
;;  neighbors reports the eight patches surrounding the turtle.
;;  Note that patches have neighbors as well, and can also use the neighbors reporter.

to paint-neighbors
  ask turtles
    [ paint-agents neighbors ]

;;  This procedure is similar to paint-neighbors, but uses the neighbors4 reporter.
;;  neighbors4 reports only the four patches adjacent to the current patch, and does not include
;;  the four neighbors which are only diagonally touching the current patch.
;;  As with neighbors, both turtles and patches can use neighbors4.

to paint-neighbors6
  ask turtles
    [ paint-agents neighbors6 ]

;;  This procedure uses in-radius to paint a "circle" around each turtle.
;;  "agentset in-radius n" reports those agents in agentset whose distance from the current agent
;;  is less than or equal to n. For patches, distance is measured from the center of the patch.
;;  Note that the caller can be a turtle or a patch, and agentset can be a set of turtles or a set of
;;  patches, so you can also use in-radius to locate turtles within a given radius
;;  of another turtle or patch.  Also notice that the reported agentset includes the patch that the
;;  turtle is currently on.

to paint-in-radius
  ask turtles
    [ paint-agents patches in-radius radius ]

;;  This procedure uses the at-points reporter to paint an arbitrary neighborhood.
;;  at-points lets you specify groups of agents on individual patches, using points
;;  relative to the calling agent (so [0 0] indicates the patch the agent is on).
;;  As with the above primitives, at-points can be used by both turtles and patches.

to paint-at-points
  ask turtles
    if points = "corners"
      [ paint-agents patches at-points
        [ [1 1 1] [-1 1 1] [-1 -1 1] [1 -1 1]
          [1 1 -1] [-1 1 -1] [-1 -1 -1] [1 -1 -1]] ]

;; This is a helper procedure, used to set the color of a set of patches.

to paint-agents [agents]
  ask agents [ set pcolor [color] of myself - 2 ]

; Copyright 2004 Uri Wilensky. This code may be freely copied, distributed,
; altered, or otherwise used by anyone for any legal purpose.

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