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This example shows make a terrain in 3D and move turtles across the terrain. This is much like the Hill Climbing Example in 2D. However, the elevation variation in the terrain is visible in the 3D space.


The hill climbing code is very similar to UPHILL in 2D. However, we want the turtles to look at the link neighbors of the stayer here rather than the patch neighbors.


Note that terrain models are not full 3D models. Each spot on the landscape only has eight neighbors; we use links to indicate the neighbors of each location since it cannot be determined spatially. We do, however, use the 3D space to display the height of each location.

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breed[ stayers stayer ] ;; the actual points of the landscape
breed[ walkers walker ] ;; turtles that move around the landscape

  peak? ;; indicates whether a turtle has reached a "peak",
        ;; that is, it can no longer go "uphill" from where it stands

patches-own [elevation]

to setup
  ask patches [ set elevation 0 ]
  ;; make a landscape with hills and valleys
  ask n-of 10 patches with [pzcor = 0 ] [ set elevation 120 ]
  ;; slightly smooth out the landscape
  repeat 10
    diffuse elevation 1
    ;; the terrain does not require use of the 3D patch grid just the 3D
    ;; space to display the terrain so when we diffuse add anything
    ;; diffusing up and down back to the first layer of patches.
    ask patches with [pzcor = 0 ]
      set elevation elevation + [elevation] of patch-at 0 0 1 + [elevation] of patch-at 0 0 -1
      ask patch-at 0 0 1 [ set elevation 0 ]
      ask patch-at 0 0 -1 [ set elevation 0 ]
  let max-elevation max [elevation] of patches
  ;; use turtles and links to display the landscape
  ;; each patch has one stayer which is linked to
  ;; the neighboring stayers
  ask patches with [pzcor = 0]
    sprout-stayers 1
      create-links-with turtles-on neighbors
  ;; each stayer is set at a height proportional
  ;; to the elevation of the patch
  ask stayers
    set zcor (elevation / max-elevation) * max-pzcor

  ;; put some turtles on patch centers in the landscape
  ask n-of 80 stayers [
      hatch-walkers 1 [
        set peak? false
        set color red
        set pen-size 3

to go
  ;; stop when all turtles are on peak
  if all? walkers [peak?]
    [ stop ]
  ask walkers
    let here one-of stayers-here
    ;; this is essentially uphill except that we use link-neighbors
    ;; rather than patch neighbors
    let there max-one-of [link-neighbors] of here [zcor]
    ;; when there are no more higher neighbors we're on a peak
    ;; and it's time to stop
    ifelse [zcor] of there > [zcor] of here
    [ face there
      move-to there ]
    [ set peak? true ]

; Copyright 2007 Uri Wilensky. This code may be freely copied, distributed,
; altered, or otherwise used by anyone for any legal purpose.

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