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;; this model uses the following command and reporters that
;; are part of the sound extension:
;;    drums -- reports a list of the names of all available MIDI drums
;;    play-drum -- hits a drum
;; and that's it!  see the "Sound" section of the NetLogo User Manual
;; for more details on the sound extension.
extensions [ sound ]

;; this is used to detect separate mouse clicks. once the mouse button is
;; pressed, we want that to be considered as only a single click until the
;; button is released again.
globals [mouse-released?]

;; the "drummers" are the little white circles that move across the graphics
;; window.  the "notes" are the colored squares.  when a drummer passes
;; over a note, the drummer plays its drum.
breed [ drummers drummer ]
breed [ notes note ]

;; "instrument" is the name of a drummer's drum
drummers-own [instrument]

to setup
  set mouse-released? true
  set-default-shape drummers "circle"
  set-default-shape notes "square"

  ;; make the grid lines to help the user see the structure of the beat
  ask patches
    [ set plabel-color gray + 1 ]
  ask patches with [pycor mod 2 = 0 and pxcor != min-pxcor ]
    [ set pcolor gray - 4.8 ]

  create-drummers world-height - 1 [
    set color white
    set shape "circle"
    set size 0.2
    set xcor -1 * max-pxcor
    set heading 90
    ;; "who" is the turtle's id number.  id numbers are assigned
    ;; starting from zero.  each turtle has a different number, so
    ;; each turtle occupies a different row and gets a different drum.
    set ycor max-pycor - who - 1
    set instrument item who sound:drums
    ask patch-ahead 8 [ set plabel [instrument] of myself ]

;; this puts text in the top row and draws gray columns;
;; this is to help the user place drum hits

to label-beats
  let text ["1" "e" "+" "a" "2" "e" "+" "a"
            "3" "e" "+" "a" "4" "e" "+" "a"]
  ;; this gets a bit tricky.  basically we're stepping
  ;; through the string a character at a time, placing
  ;; one character on every other patch along the top edge.
  ;; when we hit a number, we turn that whole column
  ;; dark gray.
  let n 0
  foreach text [
    let x (-1 * max-pxcor + n + 1)
    ;; "?" is used inside foreach to refer to the
    ;; current item of the list we're looping through
    ask patch x max-pycor [ set plabel ? ]
    if member? ? ["1" "2" "3" "4"]
      [ ask patches with [pxcor = x]
          ;; subtracting from a color makes it darker
          [ set pcolor gray - 4.8 ] ]
    set n n + 2

to turn-all-drums-on
  ask patches with [pxcor = min-pxcor and pycor != max-pycor]
    [ set pcolor white ]

to turn-all-drums-off
  ask patches with [pxcor = min-pxcor]
    [ set pcolor black ]

to go
  ;; there are eight patches per "beat" (four beats to a measure)
  ;; and sixty seconds in a minute, hence the 7.5 here
  ;; (because 60 divided by 8 is 7.5)
  every 7.5 / bpm [
    ask drummers [
      ;; check the white square on the left to see if this drum
      ;; is "on" or not.  if it is, and if we're over a note,
      ;; then hit our drum
      if ([pcolor] of patch min-pxcor pycor = white) and
      (any? notes-here)
        [ sound:play-drum instrument velocity ]
      fd 1
      ;; when we wrap around the right edge of the world, we
      ;; need to move an extra square in order to skip the first column
      if xcor = -1 * max-pxcor
        [ fd 1 ]
  ;; the edit procedure handles mouse clicks

to edit
  if not mouse-down?
    [ set mouse-released? true ]
  if mouse-released? and mouse-down? [
    ask patch mouse-xcor mouse-ycor
      [ toggle ]
    set mouse-released? false

;; if the user clicks on a note, remove it.
;; if the user clicks where there is no note, make one.
;; if the user clicks on the left column, turn
;;   the patch white or black to indicate whether that drum
;;   is on or off.

to toggle  ;; patch procedure
  if pycor != max-pycor [
    ifelse pxcor = min-pxcor
      [ set pcolor ifelse-value (pcolor = black) [white] [black] ]
      [ ifelse any? notes-here
          [ ask notes-here [ die ] ]
          [ sprout-notes 1 ] ] ]

;; return to the beginning of the measure (the left
;; side of the view)

to rewind
  ask drummers [
    set xcor -1 * max-pxcor

to load-file
  ;; we don't want the value the user chose for "file" to change when
  ;; the user hits the "load-file" button.  "file" is a global variable,
  ;; and "import-world" wipes out the values of all global variables,
  ;; so we need to store the old value temporarily in a local variable,
  ;; in order to restore it once "import-world" is done.
  let old-value-of-file file
  import-world file
  set file old-value-of-file

;; we could just tell the user to choose "Export World" on the File
;; menu, but it seems a bit friendlier to provide this in a button

to save-file
  export-world user-new-file

; Public Domain:
; To the extent possible under law, Uri Wilensky has waived all
; copyright and related or neighboring rights to this model.

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