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$Id: Heatbugs New Benchmark.nlogo 37529 2008-01-03 20:38:02Z craig $

benchmark -- modeled on Repast version

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globals [result]



to benchmark
  random-seed 362
  reset-timer ;; put it here because it's easier to imitate this in Repast
  repeat 300 [ go ]
  set result timer

to setup
  ;; creating the bugs the following way ensures that we won't
  ;; wind up with more than one bug on a patch
  ask n-of bug-count patches [
    sprout 1 [
      set color lime
      set size 1.75    ;; try to match look in Repast
      set ideal-temp  min-ideal-temp  + random abs (max-ideal-temp  - min-ideal-temp )
      set output-heat min-output-heat + random abs (max-output-heat - min-output-heat)
      set unhappiness abs (ideal-temp - temp)
  ;; plot the initial state of the system
  ;plot mean values-from turtles [unhappiness]

to go
  if not any? turtles [ stop ]
  ;; diffuse heat through world
  diffuse temp diffusion-rate
  ask turtles [ step ]
  ;plot mean values-from turtles [unhappiness]

to recolor-patches
  ask patches
    ;; the world retains a percentage of its heat each cycle
    set temp temp * (1 - evaporation-rate)
    ;; hotter patches will be red turning to white, cooler patches will be black
    set pcolor scale-color red temp 0 500

to step  ;; turtle procedure
  ;; my unhappiness is the magnitude or absolute value of the difference
  ;; between by ideal temperature and the temperature of this patch
  set unhappiness abs (ideal-temp - temp)
  ;; if unhappy and not at the hottest neighbor8
  ;; then move to an open neighbor (trying random ones up to 10 times)
  ifelse unhappiness = 0
    [ set temp temp + output-heat ]
    [ let target find-target
      if (patch-here != target) or (random-move-chance > random 100)
        [ bug-move target ]
      set temp temp + output-heat

;; find the hottest or coolest location next to me

to-report find-target  ;; turtle procedure
  ifelse temp < ideal-temp
    [ report max-one-of neighbors [temp] ]
    [ report min-one-of neighbors [temp] ]

to bug-move [target]  ;; turtle procedure
  let tries 0
  ;; move to the hottest (or coolest location if I'm too hot) location next to me
  ;; if it is not occupied by another bug
  if not any? turtles-on target [
    move-to target
  ;; If I can't get to the best spot, then I try the others randomly
  ;; I only try 9 times, since there are only nine spots around me.
  ;; Even then, I might try a spot more than once.
  while [tries <= 9]
    [ set tries tries + 1
      set target one-of neighbors
      if not any? turtles-on target [
        move-to target

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