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breed [breed0s breed0]
breed [breed1s breed1]
breed [breed2s breed2]
breed [breed3s breed3]
breed [breed4s breed4]
breed [breed5s breed5]
breed [breed6s breed6]
breed [breed7s breed7]
breed [breed8s breed8]
breed [breed9s breed9]
breed [breed10s breed10]
breed [breed11s breed11]
breed [breed12s breed12]
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breed [breed16s breed16]
breed [breed17s breed17]
breed [breed18s breed18]
breed [breed19s breed19]
breed [breed20s breed20]
breed [breed21s breed21]
breed [breed22s breed22]
breed [breed23s breed23]
breed [breed24s breed24]
breed [breed25s breed25]
breed [breed26s breed26]
breed [breed27s breed27]
breed [breed28s breed28]
breed [breed29s breed29]
breed [breed30s breed30]
breed [breed31s breed31]
breed [breed32s breed32]
breed [breed33s breed33]
breed [breed34s breed34]
breed [breed35s breed35]
breed [breed36s breed36]
breed [breed37s breed37]
breed [breed38s breed38]
breed [breed39s breed39]
breed [breed40s breed40]
breed [breed41s breed41]
breed [breed42s breed42]
breed [breed43s breed43]
breed [breed44s breed44]
breed [breed45s breed45]
breed [breed46s breed46]
breed [breed47s breed47]
breed [breed48s breed48]
breed [breed49s breed49]
breed [breed50s breed50]
breed [breed51s breed51]
breed [breed52s breed52]
breed [breed53s breed53]
breed [breed54s breed54]
breed [breed55s breed55]
breed [breed56s breed56]
breed [breed57s breed57]
breed [breed58s breed58]
breed [breed59s breed59]
breed [breed60s breed60]
breed [breed61s breed61]
breed [breed62s breed62]
breed [breed63s breed63]
breed [breed64s breed64]
breed [breed65s breed65]
breed [breed66s breed66]
breed [breed67s breed67]
breed [breed68s breed68]
breed [breed69s breed69]
breed [breed70s breed70]
breed [breed71s breed71]
breed [breed72s breed72]
breed [breed73s breed73]
breed [breed74s breed74]
breed [breed75s breed75]
breed [breed76s breed76]
breed [breed77s breed77]
breed [breed78s breed78]
breed [breed79s breed79]
breed [breed80s breed80]
breed [breed81s breed81]
breed [breed82s breed82]
breed [breed83s breed83]
breed [breed84s breed84]
breed [breed85s breed85]
breed [breed86s breed86]
breed [breed87s breed87]
breed [breed88s breed88]
breed [breed89s breed89]
breed [breed90s breed90]
breed [breed91s breed91]
breed [breed92s breed92]
breed [breed93s breed93]
breed [breed94s breed94]
breed [breed95s breed95]
breed [breed96s breed96]
breed [breed97s breed97]
breed [breed98s breed98]
breed [breed99s breed99]
breed [breed100s breed100]
breed [breed101s breed101]
breed [breed102s breed102]
breed [breed103s breed103]
breed [breed104s breed104]
breed [breed105s breed105]
breed [breed106s breed106]
breed [breed107s breed107]
breed [breed108s breed108]
breed [breed109s breed109]
breed [breed110s breed110]
breed [breed111s breed111]
breed [breed112s breed112]
breed [breed113s breed113]
breed [breed114s breed114]
breed [breed115s breed115]
breed [breed116s breed116]
breed [breed117s breed117]
breed [breed118s breed118]
breed [breed119s breed119]
breed [breed120s breed120]
breed [breed121s breed121]
breed [breed122s breed122]
breed [breed123s breed123]
breed [breed124s breed124]
breed [breed125s breed125]
breed [breed126s breed126]
breed [breed127s breed127]
breed [breed128s breed128]
breed [breed129s breed129]
breed [breed130s breed130]
breed [breed131s breed131]
breed [breed132s breed132]
breed [breed133s breed133]
breed [breed134s breed134]
breed [breed135s breed135]
breed [breed136s breed136]
breed [breed137s breed137]
breed [breed138s breed138]
breed [breed139s breed139]
breed [breed140s breed140]
breed [breed141s breed141]
breed [breed142s breed142]
breed [breed143s breed143]
breed [breed144s breed144]
breed [breed145s breed145]
breed [breed146s breed146]
breed [breed147s breed147]
breed [breed148s breed148]
breed [breed149s breed149]
breed [breed150s breed150]
breed [breed151s breed151]
breed [breed152s breed152]
breed [breed153s breed153]
breed [breed154s breed154]
breed [breed155s breed155]
breed [breed156s breed156]
breed [breed157s breed157]
breed [breed158s breed158]
breed [breed159s breed159]
breed [breed160s breed160]
breed [breed161s breed161]
breed [breed162s breed162]
breed [breed163s breed163]
breed [breed164s breed164]
breed [breed165s breed165]
breed [breed166s breed166]
breed [breed167s breed167]
breed [breed168s breed168]
breed [breed169s breed169]
breed [breed170s breed170]
breed [breed171s breed171]
breed [breed172s breed172]
breed [breed173s breed173]
breed [breed174s breed174]
breed [breed175s breed175]
breed [breed176s breed176]
breed [breed177s breed177]
breed [breed178s breed178]
breed [breed179s breed179]
breed [breed180s breed180]
breed [breed181s breed181]
breed [breed182s breed182]
breed [breed183s breed183]
breed [breed184s breed184]
breed [breed185s breed185]
breed [breed186s breed186]
breed [breed187s breed187]
breed [breed188s breed188]
breed [breed189s breed189]
breed [breed190s breed190]
breed [breed191s breed191]
breed [breed192s breed192]
breed [breed193s breed193]
breed [breed194s breed194]
breed [breed195s breed195]
breed [breed196s breed196]
breed [breed197s breed197]
breed [breed198s breed198]
breed [breed199s breed199]

to go
  carefully [ file-delete "coords.txt" ] [ ]
  file-open "coords.txt"
  file-print "["
  repeat size-of-test [
    file-write (list random-breed random-xcor random-ycor)
    file-print ""
  file-print "]"
  output-print "done writing file"
  file-open "coords.txt"
  let coords file-read
  output-print word "done reading file: " timer
  foreach coords [
    crt 1 [ set breed runresult item 0 ? setxy item 1 ? item 2 ? ]
  output-print word "done: " timer
  output-print word "count turtles: " count turtles
  output-print word "count breed195s: " count breed195s

to-report random-breed
  report (word "breed" random 200 "s")

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Uri Wilensky over 12 years ago Read Long List Test Download this version

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