Child of Molecular Self-Organization

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This example demonstrates how to create a square grid for turtles to walk around on using links. When turtles come into contact they merge and become one. There are still inherent problems with this - I need to use a different method (currently under construction).

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Any further updates? (Question)

This is pretty interesting, as I'm trying to model some similar patterns using turtles instead of patches. Have you gotten any further?

Posted over 12 years ago

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breed [nodes node]
breed [walkers walker]
walkers-own [location grouped?]  ;; holds a node

to setup
  set-default-shape nodes "square"
  ask patches
  [ sprout-nodes 1
    [ set color gray - 3.5 ;; dark gray
      set size 1.2
  ;; connect the nodes to make a lattice
  ask nodes
      create-links-with nodes-on patches at-points [[0 1] [1 0] ]    
;  ask links [ hide-link ]
  ;; put some "walker" turtles on the lattice
  set-default-shape walkers "square"
  create-walkers 5 [
;   set color red
    set grouped? false
    set location one-of nodes
   move-to location

to go
  ask walkers with [grouped? = false] 
    set-location one-of [link-neighbors] of location

to merge
  ask walkers [
    if grouped? = false[
    if any? walkers-on neighbors  
     create-links-with walkers-on neighbors [tie]
     ask walkers-on neighbors[set grouped? true]     

to set-location [new-location]  ;; walker procedure
  set location new-location
  move-to new-location

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