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breed [bugs bug]

bugs-own [
  birthday hue   

globals [adult-age

breed [predators predator]

to setup
  set adult-age 2               ;; take 2 seconds to grow to full size
  set-default-shape bugs "moth"
  set-default-shape predators "bird"

to go
  ;; update the view 20 times a second
  every 0.05 [ display ]
  ;; keep the tick counter in sync with how many seconds have passed.
  ;; we don't only want to count the time that passes while the GO
  ;; button is actually down, so that's why we do RESET-TIMER above,
  ;; so we can measure how time has actually been spent in GO.
  tick-advance timer

  ;; plotting takes time, so only plot 10 times a second
  every 0.1 [  update-plots ]

;; Setup Procedures

to make-initial-bugs
  create-bugs carrying-capacity [
    set size bug-size
    set birthday (- adult-age)  ;; start at full size
    set hue random 130
    ask n-of 1 bugs [set hue 16]
    set color hue
    setxy random-xcor random-ycor    

;; creates the turtle that will follow the mouse pointer around and
;; represent the predator that the user is controlling

to make-predator
  create-predators 1 [
    set color yellow
    set size 2
    set  heading 310

;; Runtime Procedures

to grow-bugs
  ask bugs [
    ;; show genotypes

    ;; grow the newly hatched offspring until they reach their ADULT-AGE,
    ;; at which point they should be the full BUG-SIZE
    let age ticks - birthday
    ifelse age < adult-age
      [ set size bug-size * age / adult-age ]
      [ set size bug-size ]

to eat-bugs
  ;; show the hawk shape under the mouse-pointer
  ask predators [
    set hidden? not mouse-inside?
    setxy mouse-xcor mouse-ycor
  if mouse-inside? and mouse-down? [
    ;; prey holds an agentset of the bugs that the mouse is close to touching.
    ;; "close to touching" is considered to be within a circle that is equal in size to the size
    ;; of the bug.  The shape of the bug may not take up the whole circle, but it takes up most of it.
    let prey bugs with [distance one-of predators < (size / 2)]
    if any? prey [
      set total-caught (total-caught + count prey)
      ;; increment the number of bugs caught in this interval
      ask prey [ die ]

to reproduce-bugs
;; if the number of bugs in under the carrying capacity, bugs can generate offspring
;; otherwise no new bugs are to replace ones that are eaten
  if not any? bugs [ make-initial-bugs ]
  if count bugs < carrying-capacity - 5 [
    ask one-of bugs [ make-one-offspring ]

;; ask every bug to make one offspring (no carrying-capacity limitations are placed on this)

to make-generation
   ask bugs [ make-one-offspring ]

to make-one-offspring ;; turtle procedure
   ;; three possible random mutations can occur, one in each frequency of gene expression
   ;; the max-mutation-step determines the maximum amount the gene frequency can drift up
   ;; or down in this offspring

   hatch 1 [
     set size 0
     if mutations = 0 [
     set hue hue]
     if mutations = 1
     [set hue hue + 1]
     if mutations = 2 [set hue hue + 2]
     if mutations = 3 [ set hue hue + 3 ]
     if mutations = 4 [ set hue hue + 4]
     if mutations = 5 [set hue hue + 5]
     set color hue
     set birthday ticks

to wander ;; turtle procedure, makes bugs wander around randomly
   rt random 360
   fd random-float (9)

;; imposes a threshold limit on gene-frequency.
;; without this genes could drift into negative values or very large values
;; (any value above 100%)

to change-environment
  if environment = "poppyfield" [
   import-drawing "poppyfield.jpg"]
  if environment = "sea" [ import-drawing "corals.jpg"]
  if environment = "jungle" [import-drawing "jungle.jpg"]

;; a visualization technique to find bugs if you are convinced they are not there anymore
;; it allows flashing without actually changing and recalculating the color attribute of the bugs

to flash-bugs
  ;; we use ASK-CONCURRENT here instead of ASK because when
  ;; the bugs WAIT, we want them all to wait together, not each
  ;; wait one at a time.
  ask-concurrent bugs [
    let old-color color
    repeat 3 [
      set color black
      wait 0.1
      set color white
      wait 0.1
    set color old-color

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