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breed [students student]

students-own [ user-id ]

patches-own [ true-color ]

to startup

to setup
  ask patches
    ;; the gray covers the "true color" of the patch, which can only
    ;; be seen on the clients if they click on a nearby patch
    set pcolor gray
    set true-color one-of [blue green]

to go
  every 0.1

;; Here's where the action is

to execute-command [command]
  if command = "View"
    ;; extract the coordinates from the message
    let p patch (item 0 hubnet-message) (item 1 hubnet-message)
    ;; get the patch clicked on and the surrounding patches in a single patch set
    let my-patch-set (patch-set p [neighbors] of p)

    ;; clear any existing overrides on the client including any patches
    ;; revealed by the last click
    hubnet-clear-overrides hubnet-message-source
    ;; send an override to the client each patch in MY-PATCH-SET will evaluate
    ;; the reporter in the block [TRUE-COLOR].  So the color of the patch on the client
    ;; will appear as TRUE-COLOR rather than the color on the server.
    hubnet-send-override hubnet-message-source my-patch-set "pcolor" [true-color]

;; Standard HubNet Procedures

to listen-clients
  while [hubnet-message-waiting?]
    ifelse hubnet-enter-message? ;; when clients enter we get a special message
    [ create-new-student ]
      ifelse hubnet-exit-message? ;; when clients exit we get a special message
      [ remove-student ]
      [ ask students with [user-id = hubnet-message-source]
        [ execute-command hubnet-message-tag ]

to create-new-student
  create-students 1
    set user-id hubnet-message-source

to remove-student
  ask students with [user-id = hubnet-message-source]
  [ die ]

; Public Domain:
; To the extent possible under law, Uri Wilensky has waived all
; copyright and related or neighboring rights to this model.

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