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globals [
  ;; By always keeping track of how much sand is on the table, we can compute the 
  ;; average number of grains per patch instantly, without having to count.
  ;; We don't want the average monitor to updating wildly, so we only have it 
  ;; update every tick.
  ;; Keep track of avalanche sizes so we can histogram them
  ;; Size of the most recent run
  ;; Keep track of avalanche lifetimes so we can histogram them
  ;; Lifetime of the most recent run
  ;; The patch the mouse hovers over while exploring
  ;; These colors define how the patches look normally, after being fired, and in 
  ;; explore mode.

patches-own [
  ;; how many grains of sand are on this patch
  ;; A list of stored n so that we can easily pop back to a previous state. See
  ;; the NETLOGO FEATURES section of the Info tab for a description of how stacks
  ;; work
  ;; Determines what color to scale when coloring the patch. 

;; The input task says what each patch should do at setup time
;; to compute its initial value for n.  (See the Tasks section
;; of the Programming Guide for information on tasks.)

to setup [setup-task]
  set default-color blue
  set fired-color red
  set selected-color green
  set selected-patch nobody
  ask patches [
    set n runresult setup-task
    set n-stack []
    set base-color default-color
  let ignore stabilize false
  ask patches [ recolor ]
  set total sum [ n ] of patches
  ;; set this to the empty list so we can add items to it later
  set sizes []
  set lifetimes []

;; For example, "setup-uniform 2" gives every patch a task which reports 2.

to setup-uniform [initial]
  setup task [ initial ]

;; Every patch uses a task which reports a random value.

to setup-random
  setup task [ random 4 ]

;; patch procedure; the colors are like a stoplight

to recolor
  set pcolor scale-color base-color n 0 4

to go
  let drop drop-patch
  if drop != nobody [
    ask drop [
      update-n 1
    let results stabilize animate-avalanches?
    let avalanche-patches first results
    let lifetime last results
    ;; compute the size of the avalanche and throw it on the end of the sizes list
    if any? avalanche-patches [
      set sizes lput (count avalanche-patches) sizes
      set lifetimes lput lifetime lifetimes
    ;; Display the avalanche and guarantee that the border of the avalanche is updated
    ask avalanche-patches [ recolor ask neighbors4 [ recolor ] ]
    ;; Erase the avalanche
    ask avalanche-patches [ set base-color default-color recolor ]
    ;; Updates the average monitor
    set total-on-tick total

to explore
  ifelse mouse-inside? [
    let p patch mouse-xcor mouse-ycor
    set selected-patch p
    ask patches [ push-n ]
    ask selected-patch [ update-n 1 ]
    let results stabilize false
    ask patches [ pop-n ]
    ask patches [ set base-color default-color recolor ]
    let avalanche-patches first results
    ask avalanche-patches [ set base-color selected-color recolor ]
  ] [
    if selected-patch != nobody [
      set selected-patch nobody
      ask patches [ set base-color default-color recolor ]

;; Stabilizes the sandpile. Reports which sites fired and how many iterations it took to
;; stabilize.

to-report stabilize [animate?]
  let active-patches patches with [ n > 3 ]
  ;; The number iterations the avalanche has gone for. Use to calculate lifetimes.
  let iters 0

  ;; we want to count how many patches became overloaded at some point
  ;; during the avalanche, and also flash those patches. so as we go, we'll
  ;; keep adding more patches to to this initially empty set.
  let avalanche-patches no-patches
  while [ any? active-patches ] [
    let overloaded-patches active-patches with [ n > 3 ]
    if any? overloaded-patches [
      set iters iters + 1
    ask overloaded-patches [
      set base-color fired-color
      ;; subtract 4 from this patch
      update-n -4
      if animate? [ recolor ]
      ;; edge patches have less than four neighbors, so some sand may fall off the edge
      ask neighbors4 [
        update-n 1
        if animate? [ recolor ]
    if animate? [ display ]
    ;; add the current round of overloaded patches to our record of the avalanche
    ;; the patch-set primitive combines agentsets, removing duplicates
    set avalanche-patches (patch-set avalanche-patches overloaded-patches)
    ;; find the set of patches which *might* be overloaded, so we will check
    ;; them the next time through the loop
    set active-patches patch-set [ neighbors4 ] of overloaded-patches
  report (list avalanche-patches iters)

;; patch procedure. input might be positive or negative, to add or subtract sand

to update-n [ how-much ]
  set n n + how-much
  set total total + how-much

to-report drop-patch
  if drop-location = "center" [ report patch 0 0 ]
  if drop-location = "random" [ report one-of patches ]
  if drop-location = "mouse-click" and mouse-down? [
    every 0.3 [ report patch mouse-xcor mouse-ycor ]
  report nobody

;; Save the patches state

to push-n ;; patch procedure
  set n-stack fput n n-stack

;; restore the patches state

to pop-n ;; patch procedure
  ; need to go through update-n to keep total statistic correct
  update-n ((first n-stack) - n)
  set n-stack but-last n-stack

; Public Domain:
; To the extent possible under law, Uri Wilensky has waived all
; copyright and related or neighboring rights to this model.

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