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Tagged by Anthony Dekker over 10 years ago


Tagged by Anthony Dekker over 10 years ago


Tagged by Anthony Dekker over 10 years ago

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This example is explained in the tutorial at


Click SETUP to start. Clicking GO makes each agent execute this list of four goals:

[ "goto" 3 3 "meet" 7 "scatter" "meet" 0 ]

Use NEW-GOAL and ADD-GOALS to add entries on the end of the goal lists.

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This model is associated with a tutorial at

Posted over 10 years ago

new model , want suggestion and guidance

I want to create a model in which there are two populations of customers and providers. customers can request for service and provider fulfill it by accepting request.

Posted over 10 years ago


Sana, I would tackle that with a global list of requests, which customers add to, and providers fulfil. The requests themselves can be lists, containing relevant details, including references to the customer agent, if needed.

Posted over 10 years ago

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turtles-own [
  id     ;; agent id number or name (usually a copy of "who")
  speed  ;; agent speed in cells per tick
  goal   ;; goal list

to setup
  crt 20 [ setxy random-xcor random-ycor
    set speed (0.1 + (random-float (max-agent-speed - 0.1)))
    set size 3
    set id who
    set goal [ "goto" 3 3 "meet" 7 "scatter" "meet" 0 ]
    set label id ]

to add-goals
  ask turtles [
    set goal (sentence goal (read-from-string new-goal))
    if (verbose) [ show (fput "goal =" goal) ]

;; NetLogo code for obeying instructions ;;

to obey
  if (goal != []) [
    let kind (item 0 goal)
    if-else (kind = "goto") [ if (obey-goto (item 1 goal) (item 2 goal)) [ drop3-goal ] ] [
    if-else (kind = "meet") [ if (obey-meet (item 1 goal)) [ drop2-goal ] ] [
    if-else (kind = "scatter") [ obey-scatter ] [
    obey-unknown kind ] ] ] ]

to drop-goal
  set goal (bf goal)

to drop2-goal
  set goal (bf (bf goal))

to drop3-goal
  set goal (bf (bf (bf goal)))

to obey-unknown [ g ]
  show (list "unknown goal" g)

to obey-scatter
  let new-x random-xcor
  let new-y random-ycor
  if (verbose) [ show (list "scattering to" new-x new-y) ]
  set goal (sentence (list "goto" new-x new-y) (bf goal))

to-report obey-goto [ x y ]  ;; obey "goto x y" command; report true when achieved
  let d (distancexy x y)
  if-else (d = 0)
    [ if (verbose) [ show (list "already at" x y) ]
      report true ]
    [ facexy x y
      if-else (d <= speed)
        [ setxy x y
          if (verbose) [ show (list "have reached" x y) ]
          report true ]
        [ fd speed
          report false ] ]

to-report obey-meet [ ag-id ]  ;; obey "meet agent" command; report true when achieved
  let him (one-of (turtles with [ id = ag-id ]))
  if-else (him = self)
    [ if (verbose) [ show (list "i am" him) ]
      report true ]
    [ face him
      let d (distance him)
      if-else (d <= speed)
        [ move-to him
          if (verbose) [ show (list "have met" him) ]
          report true ]
        [ fd speed
          report false ] ]

to go
  if (count (turtles with [ goal != []]) = 0) [ stop ]
  ask turtles [ obey ]

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