Cascading Crises Replica

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globals [radius]


to setup
  set-default-shape turtles "house"
  create-ordered-turtles 17
  set radius max-pxcor - 2
    fd radius
    set size 3
    set color blue
    set size 3
    set recession 0
    set treshold random-normal meanTreshold 1
   ]    setup-network

to-report is-linkable?
  report (count link-neighbors < numberOfLinks) 

to-report willing?
  report (count my-links < numberOfLinks)

to setup-network
  ask-concurrent turtles [
  repeat numberOfLinks
  [let choices turtles with
  [self != myself and willing? and not link-neighbor? myself]
  if any? choices
  [let choice (min-one-of choices [distance myself])
  if willing? [create-link-with choice]]]]
  ask turtles
  [create-links-with turtles with [self != myself and
                                    random-float 1.0 < linkageProbability]]

;Generates a new random network of nb-nodes turtles in which each one has a connection probability (between 0 and 1) of being connected to each other turtles (this is specified through the connection-prob slider). The algorithm uses the Erdős–Rényi model."

to go
  if ticks >= 136 [ stop ]
  ask-concurrent turtles
   [ifelse recession != 1
         [ifelse count turtles with [recession = 1] > treshold
                [without-interruption [endogeneousRecession]]
                [without-interruption [exogeneousRecession]]]
         [without-interruption [recover]]
   ask turtles [ifelse recession = 1 
     [set color red]
     [set color blue]]

to endogeneousRecession
  if count link-neighbors with [recession = 1] > treshold
  [set recession 1]

to exogeneousRecession
  if random-float 1 > (1 - probRecession) [ set recession 1 ]
  set color (blue - (recession * 34))

to recover
  if random-float 1 > (1 - probRecovery) [ set recession 0]
  set color blue

There is only one version of this model, created over 10 years ago by Jean van Haperen.

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