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extensions [nw]
breed [charismatics charismatic]
breed [followers follower]

;; Наследуемые свойства харизматика
charismatics-own [
vision ;; радиус обстрела
charisma ;; харизматичность - способность склонять в свою сторону
affinity ;; сколько новых адептов может зацепить харизматик - свойство идеи
personal_affinity ;; сколько новых адептов может зацепить этот конкретный харизматик
phil ;; порода - обозначить к какому клону они относятся
hcolor ;; цвет породы
divider ;; падение харизматичности у новых членов клана
ch-speed  ;; скорость перемещения
my_boss ;; лидер, который меня привлек в группу
followers-own [tolerance]
globals [list_of_charismatics]

to setup
;; (for this model to work with NetLogo's new plotting features,
  ;; __clear-all-and-reset-ticks should be replaced with clear-all at
  ;; the beginning of your setup procedure and reset-ticks at the end
  ;; of the procedure.)
set-default-shape turtles "person"
set list_of_charismatics []

to create-harismen
if not is-list? list_of_charismatics  [display user-message "Начните с кнопки Start" stop]
create-charismatics 1 [
;; харизматичность 
set vision vision-of-charismatic 
set charisma power-charisma
set ch-speed  speed

set my_boss self 

;; способность удерживать других
;; вообще - свойство идеи и оно не должно падать с передачей
set affinity haffinity
set personal_affinity affinity

;; set divider divider-of-charisma
set divider divider-of-charisma

setxy random-xcor random-ycor
set size 2

;; принадлежность к группе
set list_of_charismatics lput [who] of self list_of_charismatics 

set phil length list_of_charismatics

set heading (360 / count charismatics) + random 15

;; окраска
set hcolor item who [red lime orange green brown turquoise magenta]
set color hcolor 
;;  показывать свойства главы клана
;; set label (se  phil  harisma divider betr)

to create-flw
create-followers folks [
set size 1.5
set color blue
setxy random-xcor random-ycor
set tolerance (power-charisma / 4) + random tlr
;; set velocity 0.3

to go
if not conflict? [if count followers = 0 [display user-message "Все черепахи объединены в группы" stop] ]
ask followers [lt random 15 rt random 15 jump 0.1 
;; bounce ;;  - если нам понадобиться отражение от стенок
ask charismatics  [jump ch-speed ; bounce ;; - если нам понадобиться отражение от стенок
ask charismatics with [(my_boss != self) and ((count my-out-links) = 0)] 
ask charismatics with [personal_affinity > 1] [take_new ]
if conflict? [
ask charismatics with [personal_affinity > 1] [take_old]

to take_new
;; это я подбираю новых учеников из числа свободных
let my_vision vision
let new_group followers in-radius my_vision with [tolerance < [charisma] of myself]
;; with [(distance myself) < my_vision ] 
if  (count new_group) > 0

ask min-one-of  new_group [distance myself]
set heading [heading] of myself  create-link-to myself
set breed  charismatics 
set label who
set my_boss myself
set vision([vision] of myself) 
set divider ([divider] of myself)
set ch-speed  ([ch-speed] of myself  )
set phil [phil] of myself
set hcolor (0.2 + [hcolor] of myself )
set color hcolor
set charisma ([charisma] of myself) / ([divider] of myself)
set affinity ([affinity] of myself) 
set personal_affinity affinity

set personal_affinity personal_affinity - 1
;; set label who

to take_old
;; это я атакую чужих харизматиков в зоне своего влияния
let my_vision vision
;; ;; Харизматик действует в зоне своего видения
let enemy_group  charismatics in-radius my_vision  with  [phil != [phil] of myself ] 
if  (count enemy_group) > 0
ask min-one-of enemy_group [charisma]
if ([charisma] of my_boss) < ([charisma] of myself ) / 2
set phil [phil] of myself 
set my_boss myself
;; set vision [vision] of myself
set ch-speed  ([ch-speed] of myself  )
ask my-out-links [die] ask my-in-links [die] create-link-to myself set heading [heading] of myself


to be_free 
ask my-in-links [ask other-end [be_free]] ask my-in-links [die]  
set breed followers 
set tolerance random 5  +  random tlr 
set color white rt random 180 

;;;     Plotting    ;;;

to update-histogram
  set-current-plot "Histogram"
 set-plot-y-range 0 folks
  ;; set-histogram-num-bars ceiling (sqrt (count turtles))
 histogram [phil] of charismatics 
;; histogram [nw:closeness-centrality] of turtles
;; nw:page-rank

to update-plot
set-current-plot "Linking"
 set-plot-y-range 0 folks
foreach list_of_charismatics [
 set-current-plot-pen word "pen" ? 
 plot count charismatics  with [phil = ? + 1] 
set-current-plot-pen "follower"
 plot count followers

to bounce  ;; turtle procedure
  ; check: hitting left or right wall?
  if abs [pxcor] of patch-ahead 0.1 = max-pxcor
    ; if so, reflect heading around x axis
    [ set heading (- heading) ]
  ; check: hitting top or bottom wall?
  if abs [pycor] of patch-ahead 0.1 = max-pycor
    ; if so, reflect heading around y axis
    [ set heading (180 - heading) ]

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