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globals [radius]

to setup
  set radius max-pxcor - 2
  ;; make a turtle to draw our boundary
  create-turtles 1 [
    ;; move to edge of circle
    fd radius
    ;; turn to face clockwise
    rt 90
    ;; go along the arc and make the patches blue
    repeat 360 [arc-forward-by-angle 1 set pcolor 84]
  ;; make a turtle to be our ant
  create-turtles 1 [
    set color red
    set size 3
    set shape "bug"

to go
  ask turtles [
    ;; go forward
    fd 1
    ;; check to see if we moved into the barrier
    if pcolor = 84 [
      ;; whoops! backup and turn
      bk 1
      rt 20

;; This is the procedure I borrowed.  It moves the turtle to the next point
;; on the circle, the given distance along the curve.

to arc-forward-by-angle [angle]
  ;; turn to face the next point we're going to
  rt angle / 2
  ;; calculate the distance we'll have to move forward
  ;; in order to stay on the circle. Go there.
  fd 2 * radius * sin (angle / 2)
  ;; turn to face tangent to the circle
  rt angle / 2

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