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breed [people person]
globals [
  mouse-was-down?   ;;tracks the previous state of the mouse
  terror-event?     ;;tracks whether a terror event has occurred recently, true after a terror event until community intervention occurs
  help-timer        ;;keeps track of time until community intervention occurs
turtles-own [
  fear-level           ;;level of fear of each turtle
  group                ;;which group each turtle is in
  last-patch-residual  ;;keeps track of the last patch's residual fear level so fear does not constantly increase while in area
patches-own [residual-fear] ;;residual fear from after terror events

;Setup Procedure
;Clears everything and then initializes the variables. Initial FEAR-LEVEL is randommly assigned and 
;the group is based on each turtle's WHO and how many groups there should be.
;The ask people call is necessary after the create-people command block because not all the 
;people have been assigned to a group yet and so there would be no links created for the first 
;few turtles. Initialize the global variables and patch variables as well.

to setup 
  set-default-shape people "person"
  create-people population [
    set size 1.5
    setxy random-xcor random-ycor
    set fear-level random 100 + 1
    set group who mod groups  
  ask people [
    if network?
    [ let network n-of links-with-others other people with [group = [group] of myself]
      create-links-with network] 
  ask patches [
    set residual-fear 0
    if show-residual-fear? = true
    [set plabel residual-fear]
  set mouse-was-down? false
  set terror-event? false
  set help-timer 0
  set average-fear 0
  set once? false

;Go Procedure
;The go procedure checks if a terror event has occurred. Then it asks the people
;to adjust their FEAR-LEVEL based on the person they physically encounter and if
;this is a network, adjust their FEAR-LEVEL based on the network.
;Then adjust the FEAR-LEVEL based on whether there is any RESIDUAL-FEAR left on the 
;patch. Update the color and the LAST-PATCH-RESIDUAL to the RESIDUAL-FEAR of the current 
;patch. Then move. Then check the patches to see if they should be showing the residual fear
;and then decay any RESIDUAL-FEAR by the RESIDUAL-DECAY-RATE. Then finally check if 
;there is a community intervention on this turn.

to go
  ask people [
    let other-person-here one-of other people-here
    if other-person-here != nobody
    [ adjust-fear-levels other-person-here ]
    if network? = true and ticks mod network-communication-frequency = 0 ;adjust FEAR-LEVEL based on every link neighboor
    [ foreach [self] of link-neighbors [ adjust-fear-levels ? ] ]
    set last-patch-residual [residual-fear] of patch-here
  ask patches [
    ifelse show-residual-fear? = true
    [ set plabel residual-fear ]
    [ set plabel "" ]
    if residual-fear > 0
    [ set residual-fear (residual-fear - residual-decay-rate) ] 
  ifelse help-timer > 0
  [ set help-timer help-timer - 1 ]
    if terror-event? = true
      set terror-event? false 
      ask n-of number-of-interventions people
      [ set fear-level round ((1 - level-of-intervention) * fear-level) ] 
  if ticks mod 1500 = 1
  [ifelse mean [fear-level] of people = average-fear
    [ifelse once? = false
      [ set average-fear-before average-fear
        set once? true]
      [set average-fear-after average-fear
        show average-fear-after
    [set average-fear mean [fear-level] of people]]

;terror-event procedure
;Checks to see if the mouse is currently not down and was previously down. This is done 
;so that the only a single click is registered, instead of registering the entire time that the mouse
;is down. If a click is detected, everyone within the radius is increase their FEAR-LEVEL
;by the TERROR-SEVERITY. Set the residual fear for the surrounding patches and then start HELP-TIMER
;whcih keeps track of when community intervention occurs. TERROR-EVENT? is then updated 
;as is the current status of the mouse.

to terror-event
    ask patch 0 0 [
      ask people in-radius terror-radius [
       let boundary fear-level + terror-severity < 100
       ifelse boundary
       [ set fear-level (fear-level + terror-severity) ]
       [ set fear-level 100 ]
       set last-patch-residual fear-level
      ask patches in-radius terror-radius
      [ set residual-fear round (terror-severity * initial-residual-fear / 100) ]   
    if terror-event? = false
    [set help-timer intervention-delay]
    set terror-event? true

;adjust-fear-levels, a turtle procedure
;The FEAR-LEVELs of the people are adjusted based on what the the FEAR-LEVEL of the
;other-turtle argument. To do this, it takes 5% of the difference in FEAR-LEVELs 
;(whether positive or negative) and adds it to its own FEAR-LEVEL. 

to adjust-fear-levels [other-turtle]
  if other-turtle != nobody
    let difference round ([fear-level] of other-turtle - fear-level) / 20
    let fear-change round (fear-level + difference)
    ifelse terror-event? = false
      ifelse fear-change < 0 
      [ set fear-level 0 ]
        ifelse fear-change > 100
        [ set fear-level 100 ]
        [ set fear-level fear-change ]
      if difference > 0
        ifelse fear-change > 100
          [ set fear-level 100 ]
          [ set fear-level fear-change ]

;residual-fear-effect, a turtle procedure
;Increases the FEAR-LEVEL by the current RESIDUAL-FEAR of the patch the turtle is on

to residual-fear-effect
  if [residual-fear] of patch-here != 0 and last-patch-residual = 0
    let pdifference fear-level + [residual-fear] of patch-here
    ifelse pdifference > 100
    [ set fear-level 100 ]
    [ set fear-level pdifference ]

;move, a turtle procedure
;If there is a person ahead and a random number is less than the fear-level, 
;then go towards them, otherwise turn randomly and then advance forward.

to move
  let person-ahead one-of people in-cone 2 120
  ifelse person-ahead != nobody and (random 100 + 1) < fear-level
  [ face person-ahead ]
  [ rt random 121 - 60 ]
  fd 1

;update-color, a turtle procedure
;updates COLOR of turtle, lower FEAR-LEVEL is more blue and higher FEAR-LEVEL
;is more red.

to update-color
  ifelse fear-level = 50
  [ set color white ]
    ifelse fear-level > 50
    [ set color 18 - ((fear-level - 50) / 10) ]
    [ set color 108 - ((50 - fear-level) / 10) ]

There is only one version of this model, created almost 9 years ago by Kevin Jin.

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