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extensions [ ls cf ]

globals [
  ; These are constant variables used to specify simulation restrictions
  global-lactose-limit         ; variable to specify lactose quantity
  initial-energy               ; variable to specify initial energy of bacterial cells
  old-models-list                  ; list of ls:models to identify newly created model

breed [ ecolis ecoli ]

ecolis-own [
  my-model              ; cell model (LevelSpace child model) associated with an E. coli cell
  my-model-path         ; path to locate the file to be used for creating a cell model (LevelSpace child model)

  ; these variables are used to store the corresponding statistics from the cell models
  energy                ; energy of the cell
  lactose-inside        ; lactose quantity inside a cell
  lactose-outside       ; lactose quantity in the outside environment
  lacZ-inside           ; lacZ proteins inside a cell
  lacY-inside           ; lacY proteins inside a cell
  lacY-inserted         ; lacY proteins inserted into the cell-wall
  lacI-lactose-complex  ; lacI-lactose-complex molecules inside a cell

;;;;;;;;;;;;; SETUP PROCEDURES ;;;;;;;;;;;;;

to setup
  ; set the constant values
  set initial-energy 1000
  set global-lactose-limit (initial-number-of-cells * 5000)
  generate-cells ; create the cells
  if lactose? [ distribute-lactose ] ; distribute lactose if the option is selected

; procedure to generate E. coli cells. If choose-models is OFF, default cell model is created for all the cells.

to generate-cells
  let color-list [ gray red brown yellow green cyan violet magenta ]

  let i 0
  create-ecolis initial-number-of-cells [
    set color (item i color-list)
    setxy random-xcor random-ycor
    set shape "ecoli"

    ifelse choose-models? [
      user-message "Select a Genetic Switch model to use..."
      set my-model-path user-file
      set my-model-path "GenEvo 1 Genetic Switch.nlogo"

    while [ test-if-switch my-model ] [
      user-message "The model must be a Genetic Switch model! Please select a Genetic Switch model again."
      ls:close my-model
      set my-model-path user-file
    set i i + 1

to create-my-model ; turtle procedure
  ; If my-model-path is False, it means the user didn't select a file.
  ; In that case, we kill the E. coli so we this doesn't mess anything up.
  ifelse my-model-path != False [
    ls:create-interactive-models 1 my-model-path
    set my-model max ls:models
    ls:hide my-model

    ls:let initial-variables-list generate-initial-variables-list
    ls:ask my-model [
      set-initial-variables initial-variables-list
  [ die ]

;;;;;;;;;;;;; RUNTIME PROCEDURES ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

to go
  ask ecolis [
    rt random-float 360
    fd 1
    if energy < 0 [
      ls:close my-model
  if not any? ecolis [ stop ]

; Updates the enviornmental conditions and then runs each cell model

to run-your-model ; turtle procedure
   ls:let lactose-outside-per-cell ifelse-value lactose? [ floor ( global-lactose-limit / length ls:models ) ] [ 0 ]
   ls:let parent-glucose? glucose?
   ls:let parent-lactose? lactose?

   ls:ask my-model [
     set glucose? parent-glucose?
     set lactose? parent-lactose?

; when lactose? is OFF, this procedure is used to update the lactose quantity in the environment in the population model

to distribute-lactose
  ifelse lactose? [
    ls:let lactose-per-model (global-lactose-limit / length ls:models)
    ask patches [ set pcolor 2 ]
    ask ecolis [ ls:ask my-model [ update-lactose lactose-per-model ] ]
    ; see how much lactose is outside all of the cells
    let total-lactose-outside sum [ count lactoses with [ not inside? ] ] ls:of ls:models

    cf:when ; color the patches based on the global lactose amount
    cf:case [ total-lactose-outside < (global-lactose-limit / 2) ] [ ask patches [ set pcolor 1 ]]
    cf:case [ total-lactose-outside = 0 ] [ ask patches [ set pcolor 0 ] ]
    cf:else [ ask patches [ set pcolor 2 ] ]

    ls:let lactose-per-model (total-lactose-outside / length ls:models)
    ask ecolis [ ls:ask my-model [ update-lactose lactose-per-model ] ]

; procedure for E. coli cells to reproduce. A new cell is added in the population model and a new individual cell model is created.

to maybe-reproduce
  ; if there's enough energy, reproduce
  if ( [ energy ] ls:of my-model > 2 * initial-energy ) [
    ls:ask my-model [ divide-cell ]
    hatch 1 [
      rt random-float 360 fd 1 ; move it forward so they don't overlap
      create-my-model  ; Now create and setup the cell model that will simulate this new daughter cell

; procedure to concatenate all the necessary initial variables for a daughter cell model into a single list

to-report generate-initial-variables-list ; turtle procedure
  report (list color initial-energy lacY-inside lacY-inserted lacZ-inside lacI-lactose-complex lactose-inside lactose-outside lactose? glucose?)

; Extract all the necessary variables from the cell model

to extract-cell-model-variables ; turtle procedure

  let list-of-variables ([ send-variables-list ] ls:of my-model) ; grab the list

  ; now save the elements in our 'ecolis-own' variables
  set energy item 0 list-of-variables
  set lacY-inside item 1 list-of-variables
  set lacY-inserted item 2 list-of-variables
  set lacZ-inside item 3 list-of-variables
  set lacI-lactose-complex item 4 list-of-variables
  set lactose-inside item 5 list-of-variables
  set lactose-outside item 6 list-of-variables

; procedure to view the cell model (LevelSpace child model) associated with each cell

to inspect-cells
  if mouse-inside? and mouse-down? [
    ask ecolis with-min [ distancexy mouse-xcor mouse-ycor ] [
      ls:show my-model

; procedure to test whether or not a model is a Genetic Switch model

to-report test-if-switch [ a-model-number ]
  let return-value False
  carefully [
    ls:ask a-model-number [ set LevelSpace? True ]
     set return-value True
  report return-value

; Copyright 2016 Uri Wilensky.
; See Info tab for full copyright and license.

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