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;Ashley Choi
;IntroCS1 pd08
;HW#51 - Be creative! (Hunger Games Style)

to setup
  ask patches [if pxcor = -15 [set pcolor green]; makes the start line
    if pxcor = 15 [set pcolor white]]; makes the finish line
  crt num_turtles
  ask turtles [set xcor -15]; makes your turtles to be on the start line
  ask turtles [set ycor 16 + who * 33 / num_turtles];Evenly spaces out your turtles so that no two turtles are on the same location
  ask turtles [set heading 90]; Makes your turtles face towards the finish line
  ask turtles [set shape "car top"]

to locomote
  every .1
    [ fd random 10 / 10 ]; basically wiggle but in a straight path

to GO
  if xcor >= 15;If the location of one turtle reaches or goes past the finish line
    [ask other turtles [die]]; then the turtles that did not make it to the finish line die
  if count turtles = 1; if there is one turtle left
    [stop]; stop the function
          ;do not know how to incorporate celebratory dance :(

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