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globals [    ;; setting globals for model

breed [ axis-turtles axis-turtle ]   ;; these are turtles as part (i.e. axes tips) of X and Y axes
breed [ m-turtles m-turtle ]         ;; thes are turtles to be plotted on the final-state diagram

patches-own [    ;; properties of patches used to generate the coordinates axes

to setup
  set mylist list (0) (X0)  ;; setting the intial list of values
  create-axis               ;; to be iterated by logistic function
  setup-alpha               ;; setting components of X and Y axes


to go                                   ;; this is the procedure of iteration

  set mylist lput result mylist         ;; procedure of iteration where the results are added to a list
  if ticks >= Num-iterations [ stop ]   ;; and a new turtle of red color is created with every iteration
                                        ;; result of the iteration serves as x-coordinates for this turtle
create-m-turtles 1 [                    ;; according to which it is plotted on final state diagram
    set color red
    set shape "circle"
    set size 5
    setxy (last mylist * 400 / r-parameter ) (0)

  if ticks <= (num-iterations) / 1.1     ;; only last 10% of turtles are plotted
  [ask m-turtles [die]]

to-report result                                    ;; reporter describing the
  report  r-parameter * sin( pi * last mylist / 2)  ;; iteration procedure based
end                                                  ;; on previous iteration result

to create-axis                                         ;; creating X and Y axes
  ask patches with [ pycor = 0 ] [ set pcolor white ]
    create-axis-turtles 1 [
    set color yellow
    set size 8
    set heading -90
    setxy 0 0
    create-axis-turtles 1 [
    set color yellow
    set size 8
    set heading 90
    setxy 400 0

to setup-alpha
  ask patch 5 5
  [ set plabel ""
    set plabel-color white ]

to setup-omega
  ask patch 398 5
  [ set plabel ""
    set plabel-color white ]

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