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breed [bees bee]
breed [flowers flower]
breed [hives hive]
flowers-own [polinated

to setup
  ask patches [
    set pcolor 59                                                                 ;set patch color
 set-default-shape turtles "flower"

 create-flowers 10                                                                ;define a number of flowers
   ask flowers [
    set color white                                                               ;flowers are white
    set shape "flower"
    set size 3
    move-to one-of patches with [count flowers-here = 0 and count bees-here = 0 and count  hives-here = 0]  ;and also moves to a random patch where there are no bees

 create-bees number-of-bees                                                       ;when the simulation starts a certain number of bees are created
 ask bees [                                                                       ;bees are yellow
    set color yellow
    set shape "bee"
    set size 1.5
    move-to patch 0 0                                                             ;bees start in hive

 create-hives 1                                                                   ;create hive
 ask hives [
    set shape "hexagonal prism"
    set size 5
    move-to patch 0 0


to go
  if count flowers >= 900 [stop]                                                     ;simulation ends when all patches are occuped with a flower
  if ticks > 400 [stop]                                                              ;simulation ends when tick count reaches greater than 400
  bees-travel                                                                        ;bees move around randomly until they locate flower
  bees-moveaway                                                                      ;bees move away from flower when it's polinanted
  flowers-reproduce                                                                  ;flower reproduces if polinated

to bees-travel                                                                       ;bees move around
  ask bees [
    ifelse count flowers in-radius 3 > 0 [                                           ;if there is a flower in proximity to the bee
      face one-of flowers in-radius 3                                                ;face the flower
      fd 1                                                                           ;go forward 1 unit in its direction
      if count flowers-here = 1 [                                                    ;if bee lands on flower
         ask flowers-here [                                                          ;flower is polinated &
            set color 139                                                            ;color changes to pink
            set polinated TRUE]                                                      ;set flower as polinated
            set pcolor 58                                                            ;patch changes color for ease of later code
    [wiggle]                                                                         ;otherwise if there are no flowers move in a random direction


to bees-moveaway                                                                     ;bees to move away from polinated flower
  ask bees [
    if pcolor = 58 [
      rt random 360
      fd 3

to flowers-reproduce                                                                 ;polinated flowers to reporduce
  if ticks > 0 and ticks mod 30 = 0 [                                                ;reproduce every 30 ticks
    let flower-count count flowers with [polinated = TRUE]                           ;count polinated flowers
    create-flowers 2 * flower-count [                                                ;create two new flowers for each polinated flower
      move-to one-of patches with [count flowers-here = 0 and count hives-here = 0]  ;move to a random patch where there is no flower & no hive
      set color white
      set size  3
    ask flowers [                                                                    ;breset pollination for the next cycle
      set polinated FALSE
      set color white

to wiggle                                                                           ;move in a random direction directions
   fd 1
   rt random 50
   lt random 50

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