Asymmetric broadcast consensus

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turtles-own [past-state present-state color-initial]

; Create nodes

to setup

  ask patches [set pcolor white]
  let average 0
  create-turtles num-nodes [
    set shape "circle"
    setxy random-xcor random-ycor
    set color random 140
    set color-initial color
    set average average + color

  ; Print the initial average

  print (word "Initial average is: " (average / num-nodes))

; Asymmetric broadcast algorithm

to go

 ; Let one node make a broadcast

  ask one-of turtles [

    carefully [

    ; If there are listeners, tell them to change their values somewhere in between, according to the ratio Q

    let P color
    ask link-neighbors [set color (color * Q + P * (1 - Q))]

    ; If there are no links, remove the node

    [ask turtle who [die]]


  ; Plot the pens on the graph for each node

    ask turtles [
    create-temporary-plot-pen (word who)
    set-plot-pen-color color-initial
    plot color]


; Connect the nodes

to setup-spatially-clustered-network

  let num-links (average-node-degree * num-nodes) / 2
  while [count links < num-links ]

    ask one-of turtles
      let choice (min-one-of (other turtles with [not link-neighbor? myself]) [distance myself])
      if choice != nobody [ create-link-with choice ]

  ; Make the network look a little prettier

  repeat 10
    layout-spring turtles links 0.3 (world-width / (sqrt num-nodes)) 1

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