Influencing the use of reusable dishes

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to setup
  clear-all                                                       ;; clear any existing elements and start from the beginning

  ask patches [set pcolor white]                                  ;; blank background

  create-turtles 1 [                                              ;; create the "restaurant"
    set shape "house"
    set color 74
    set size 3
    setxy 0 10

  create-turtles num-people-using-reusable [                      ;; create 14 people, because 14 out of 67 people always use reusable dishes
  setxy random-ycor random-ycor
  set shape "person"
  set color green


  create-turtles num-people-not-using-reusable [                  ;; create 53 people, because 53 out of 67 peole never or sometimes use reusable dishes
  setxy random-ycor random-ycor
  set shape "person"
  set color black


to go
  ask turtles with [shape = "person"] [                           ;; all people are moving around the model
    set heading random 360
    forward 1

    if color = green [move-to patch 0 10                          ;; if a person has the color pink then move to the restaurant and set color green, because reusable dishes were used
    setxy random-xcor random-ycor]                                ;; then set coordinates random again
    if any? other turtles-here with [color = black]               ;; if there a people with the color black on the same patch, then change color to green, because turtle was influenced
    [set color green]

  tick                                                            ;; a step has gone by

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