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breed [ companies company ]
breed [ associations association ]
breed [ courts court ]

directed-link-breed [ jurisdictions jurisdiction ]
directed-link-breed [ memberships membership ]

companies-own [policy]

to setup
  create-companies 50
  [ set shape "house" ]
  create-associations 1
  [ set shape "circle 2" 
    set size 2 ]
  create-courts 1
  [ set shape "building institution"
    set size 3.5 ]

to create-network
  ask courts
  [ ask companies
    [ create-jurisdiction-from myself] ]
  ask companies
   [ create-membership-to one-of associations ]
  repeat 30 [ layout-spring turtles links 0.2 5 1 ]

to go
  ask courts
  [ determine-compliance-standards
    sanction-non-compliers ]
  ask companies
  [ adjust-policies ]
;  advise

to determine-compliance-standards
  ask companies
  ;; I don't think I want courts to ask all companies equally
  ;; I think some get more attention/weight than others

to sanction-non-compliers
    ;; if companies are out of compliance, sanction them

to adjust-policies
  ask companies
    ;; take wisdom from professionals
    ;; follow market rationality/guess what courts will do

;to advise
;  ask associations
;  []

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