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Minimal Genetic Algorithm preview image Minimal Genetic Algorithm
Cosimo Leuci (No tags) (No group) 5273.261289627 about 1 hour ago
Social Uses and Gratifications preview image Social Uses and Gratifications
Joe Wasserman consumers, media consumption*, social, uses and gratifications theory (No group) 45187.32828742 about 13 hours ago
Reactive voters model v1.0 preview image Reactive voters model v1.0
Joe Wasserman elections, electoral system, voting behavior, electoral system@, voter, voting (No group) 47504.756047983 about 13 hours ago
Charcoal preview image Charcoal
Richard Taylor and Hannah Wanjiru (No tags) (No group) 257164.692316415 3 days ago
BevölkerungspyramideDE preview image BevölkerungspyramideDE
Rainer Walke (No tags) (No group) 283549.524333739 3 days ago
PopulationPyramidGER preview image PopulationPyramidGER
Rainer Walke (No tags) (No group) 283608.741571666 3 days ago
Institutional Preference Dynamics preview image Institutional Preference Dynamics
Milton Friesen boundaries, dynamics, institutions, preference, segregation (No group) 668002.482565003 8 days ago
TurSquiral preview image TurSquiral
Cosimo Leuci cellular automata, emergence, morphogenesis, turmite, turtle geometry (No group) 750854.025820452 9 days ago
Zero Intelligence Trading Updated preview image Zero Intelligence Trading Updated
深度碎片 Kenny (No tags) (No group) 895708.990225366 10 days ago
Social Contagion
Stephen Cranney (No tags) (No group) 956928.65011472 11 days ago
Birth Number and Intervals preview image Birth Number and Intervals
Stephen Cranney (No tags) (No group) 956996.522862194 11 days ago
Simple Economy Updated preview image Simple Economy Updated
深度碎片 Kenny (No tags) (No group) 1083563.437039173 13 days ago
Hero and Coward Updated preview image Hero and Coward Updated
深度碎片 Kenny (No tags) (No group) 1083803.711066132 13 days ago
Simple Ant updated preview image Simple Ant updated
深度碎片 Kenny (No tags) (No group) 1083976.336856068 13 days ago
UK housing market updated preview image UK housing market updated
深度碎片 Kenny (No tags) (No group) 1084465.204014625 13 days ago
Roundabout preview image Roundabout
Pradeesh K V roundabout, traffic (No group) 1363631.042797051 16 days ago
Rui Yu (No tags) (No group) 1401653.081832605 16 days ago
Howard Noble (No tags) (No group) 1618382.243039388 19 days ago
world size
Howard Noble (No tags) (No group) 1734349.52535014 20 days ago
Howard Noble (No tags) (No group) 1734437.205044662 20 days ago
Howard Noble (No tags) (No group) 1734441.695837751 20 days ago
velocity preview image velocity
emilisa emilisa (No tags) (No group) 1821241.628649577 21 days ago
Aceleracion Constante 2D preview image Aceleracion Constante 2D
Carlos Martinez-Torteya (No tags) (No group) 1960205.010779474 23 days ago
[Draft] Turlte Color Stop preview image [Draft] Turlte Color Stop
Pradeep Ankem prisonbreak, stop (No group) 2682987.211616641 about 1 month ago
number 1 preview image number 1
Marc Morin (No tags) (No group) 2984954.35603021 about 1 month ago
Complexity Index of an Undirected Graph preview image Complexity Index of an Undirected Graph
Pradeep Ankem (No tags) (No group) 3961513.945681147 about 1 month ago
Wight_Tutorial3.nlogo preview image Wight_Tutorial3.nlogo
Hayley Wight (No tags) (No group) 4294338.030590493 about 1 month ago
Pokemon GO preview image Pokemon GO
Jameson Reeves (No tags) (No group) 4392000.560556114 about 1 month ago
Fish Schooling For Predator Avoidance
Sebastian Dobon (No tags) (No group) 4531746.973539896 about 1 month ago
brayan preview image brayan
brayan chitiva (No tags) (No group) 4610840.832800371 about 1 month ago
Sungmin Hong (No tags) (No group) 5624387.326269249 2 months ago
Minority belief spread preview image Minority belief spread
thouraya Bchir (No tags) (No group) 6140439.848689374 2 months ago
Femicides preview image Femicides
Daniel Molina (No tags) (No group) 6605400.966368036 3 months ago
Foraging estimates preview image Foraging estimates
Mike Cisneros-Franco (No tags) (No group) 6981527.660027609 3 months ago
Matteo Sposato (No tags) (No group) 7153764.195875853 3 months ago
Plant Speciation
Andrew McDevitt (No tags) (No group) 7803746.325357676 3 months ago
Survivor Voting Alliances preview image Survivor Voting Alliances
Isaac Lee (No tags) MAM-2018 8148353.812672553 3 months ago
Windmill Toy preview image Windmill Toy
Jonathan Harrington efficiency, physics, power generation, renewable energy, turbine, wind (No group) 8282347.740512974 3 months ago
Windmill Toy preview image Windmill Toy
Jonathan Harrington (No tags) (No group) 8282642.296236994 3 months ago
Toss-a-coin preview image Toss-a-coin
Pradeep Ankem (No tags) (No group) 8456404.937776815 3 months ago
Adaptive Immunity preview image Adaptive Immunity
Jeff Klemens antibodies, b cells, immune system, measles, vaccine (No group) 8465343.136383897 3 months ago
Beetle Navigation preview image Beetle Navigation
Jake Hofgard biology (No group) 8632752.044828787 3 months ago
TIMELY model
Pia Backmann competition, herbivory, ibm, inducible, plant, plant defense (No group) 8664818.118527556 3 months ago
Quantitative Genetics Experiments preview image Quantitative Genetics Experiments
Andrew McDevitt (No tags) (No group) 9725597.943466105 4 months ago
Jamie Joyce roman archaeology; agriculture; dutch limes (No group) 9820255.14671034 4 months ago
Assembling interdisciplinary teams preview image Assembling interdisciplinary teams
Augusto Cabrera-Becerril (No tags) (No group) 10405773.138295673 4 months ago
Mechanisms of Evolutionary Change preview image Mechanisms of Evolutionary Change
Andrew McDevitt (No tags) (No group) 10408474.555918591 4 months ago
Three level spin system preview image Three level spin system
Fred Browning and Emily Bishop (No tags) (No group) 10426573.500607504 4 months ago
Collective Action Communities preview image Collective Action Communities
Jeremy Foote community models MAM-2016 10442383.111331832 4 months ago
BIOL3445 - Introduction preview image BIOL3445 - Introduction
Andrew McDevitt (No tags) (No group) 10449952.595123352 4 months ago
heredity--pumpkin contest preview image heredity--pumpkin contest
lin xiang (No tags) (No group) 10655124.867616173 4 months ago
Northwestern Group Dynamics preview image Northwestern Group Dynamics
Rohaan Advani (No tags) MAM-2018 10848707.302686816 4 months ago
multi-agent signaling game
Fabrizio Cariani (No tags) (No group) 11146828.858476821 4 months ago
UP election 2019
Vishesh Agarwal (No tags) (No group) 11163318.003055293 4 months ago
Turtles trapped
Roha Ali (No tags) (No group) 11376823.154548373 4 months ago
Student Group Connections preview image Student Group Connections
Alex Cohen (No tags) MAM-2018 11469166.794445893 4 months ago
Turtles trapped by letters preview image Turtles trapped by letters
Nida Fatima (No tags) (No group) 11508586.247265317 4 months ago
Extra Task preview image Extra Task
Taif Ali (No tags) (No group) 11553679.8449161 4 months ago
Spatial Opinion Dynamics with Two Types of Mixing preview image Spatial Opinion Dynamics with Two Types of Mixing
Bert Baumgaertner (No tags) (No group) 11572106.521722067 4 months ago
Extra Credit task preview image Extra Credit task
anjum iqbal (No tags) (No group) 11584004.271900443 4 months ago
Abdullah yousaf (No tags) (No group) 11584115.407971287 4 months ago
Extra Credit task preview image Extra Credit task
anjum iqbal (No tags) (No group) 11584325.084741969 4 months ago
Sumbal Model preview image Sumbal Model
sumbal khan (No tags) (No group) 11589522.992740663 4 months ago
Bahria University Cafe1
Muhammad Orangzaib (No tags) (No group) 12517249.849265069 5 months ago
Bahria University Cafe
Muhammad Orangzaib (No tags) (No group) 12517721.69477148 5 months ago
bahria student cafe model 3
Amna Khan (No tags) (No group) 12526550.778961677 5 months ago
bahria student cafe model 2
Amna Khan (No tags) (No group) 12526588.70588702 5 months ago
 bahria v.3 preview image bahria v.3
Muhammad Talha (No tags) (No group) 12536820.98939593 5 months ago
 bahria v 2 preview image bahria v 2
Muhammad Talha (No tags) (No group) 12536868.415709373 5 months ago
 bahriaa uni Cafeteria 2 preview image bahriaa uni Cafeteria 2
Abdullah yousaf cosmose (No group) 12537557.997499729 5 months ago
 bahriaa uni Cafeteria 1 preview image bahriaa uni Cafeteria 1
Abdullah yousaf cosmose (No group) 12537569.422838414 5 months ago
Bahria_university_cafeteria_3 preview image Bahria_university_cafeteria_3
anjum iqbal (No tags) (No group) 12538245.90242729 5 months ago
Bahria_Cafe_Model_V3_Aamir_Sultan preview image Bahria_Cafe_Model_V3_Aamir_Sultan
aamir sultan cosmose (No group) 12538330.82899432 5 months ago
Bahria_Cafe_Model_V2_Aamir_Sultan preview image Bahria_Cafe_Model_V2_Aamir_Sultan
aamir sultan cosmose (No group) 12538376.265707428 5 months ago
Bahria_Cafe_Model_V1_Aamir_Sultan preview image Bahria_Cafe_Model_V1_Aamir_Sultan
aamir sultan cosmose (No group) 12538488.78186901 5 months ago
simulation of bahriabv3 preview image simulation of bahriabv3
Ayesha Anwar cosmose (No group) 12539031.536382968 5 months ago
simulation of bahria v2 preview image simulation of bahria v2
Ayesha Anwar cosmose (No group) 12539261.357828898 5 months ago
Bahria_university_cafeteria_v2 preview image Bahria_university_cafeteria_v2
anjum iqbal (No tags) (No group) 12539323.4611412 5 months ago
simulation of bahria preview image simulation of bahria
Ayesha Anwar cosmose (No group) 12539383.690907264 5 months ago
Adeeba Mumtaz (No tags) (No group) 12544740.918395972 5 months ago
Adeeba Mumtaz (No tags) (No group) 12544807.124274984 5 months ago
Adeeba Mumtaz (No tags) (No group) 12544978.081107205 5 months ago
Bahria Cafe V1 preview image Bahria Cafe V1
sumbal khan (No tags) (No group) 12545054.834789729 5 months ago
Bahria Cafe V2 preview image Bahria Cafe V2
sumbal khan (No tags) (No group) 12545162.478718255 5 months ago
Bahria university cafeteria v1
anjum iqbal (No tags) (No group) 12545324.938161602 5 months ago
Bahria Cafe V3
sumbal khan (No tags) (No group) 12545597.114652215 5 months ago
 bahriaa uni Cafeteria3 preview image bahriaa uni Cafeteria3
Abdullah yousaf cosmose (No group) 12547040.87031215 5 months ago
BahriaUmodelV3 preview image BahriaUmodelV3
Kashif Khan cosmose (No group) 12549628.30268264 5 months ago
BahriaUModelV2 preview image BahriaUModelV2
Kashif Khan cosmose (No group) 12549684.354840744 5 months ago
Bahria_University_CafeV1Updated preview image Bahria_University_CafeV1Updated
Kashif Khan (No tags) (No group) 12549739.08032666 5 months ago
StudentCafeVersion3 preview image StudentCafeVersion3
Asim Abbas (No tags) (No group) 12550069.317477843 5 months ago
StudentCafeVersion2 preview image StudentCafeVersion2
Asim Abbas (No tags) (No group) 12550521.213254428 5 months ago
StudentCafeVersion1 preview image StudentCafeVersion1
Asim Abbas (No tags) (No group) 12550893.820657795 5 months ago
Bahria-Cafeteria-Simulation-Model-V3 preview image Bahria-Cafeteria-Simulation-Model-V3
Yasir Siddique (No tags) (No group) 12551732.106026784 5 months ago
Bahria-Cafeteria-Simulation-Model-V2 preview image Bahria-Cafeteria-Simulation-Model-V2
Yasir Siddique (No tags) (No group) 12551804.318825483 5 months ago
Bahria-Cafeteria-Simulation-Model-V1 preview image Bahria-Cafeteria-Simulation-Model-V1
Yasir Siddique (No tags) (No group) 12551882.186691264 5 months ago
BUIC Cafeteria Version 3
Taif Ali (No tags) (No group) 12554439.692187348 5 months ago
BUIC Cafeteria Version 2
Taif Ali (No tags) (No group) 12554473.510403272 5 months ago
BUIC Cafeteria Version 1
Taif Ali (No tags) (No group) 12554676.92097208 5 months ago
Bahria cafe model V3 by Junaid khan 012 preview image Bahria cafe model V3 by Junaid khan 012
Junaid khan cosmose (No group) 12555005.575355545 5 months ago
Bahria cafe model V2 by Junaid khan 012 preview image Bahria cafe model V2 by Junaid khan 012
Junaid khan cosmose (No group) 12558563.222120002 5 months ago